Taxation and Pension

As a foreign resident of Japan, your tax status varies depending on the tax treaties between your country and Japan, and on your Residence Status. Check your embassy or consulate regarding tax matters specific to your country.


In general, if you are liable for taxes in Japan, you must pay two types of income tax: "Personal Income Tax" which is collected by the national government and "Residence Tax" which is collected by the local municipal governments.

The National Tax Agency publishes a comprehensive guide to Personal Income Tax in English. Please refer to it if you have further question.


Everyone in Japan, 20 to 60 years of age, must also pay into the National Pension Program.
Please refer to the site: Japan Pension Service.

Tax advisory
OIST has a contract with a professional tax accountant who speaks fluent English and also has a mastery of taxation in Japan and tax treaties. If you have any question related to tax issues, please contact at HR will refer you to or seek advice from a tax accountant, if needed.