Using DocuSign for Deposit License Submissions

In order to make OIST’s intellectual output accessible worldwide, authors of published journal articles are asked to sign a one-time Deposit License that allows the OIST Graduate University Library to submit their work into OIST's Institutional Repository (or OISTIR). 
Please submit a Deposit License via DocuSign

Starting from this month, we will be using DocuSign to automate and streamline this process. If you have not previously submitted a Deposit License to the Library, please expect to receive an e-mail similar to the following example.

This email is sent to new faculty, researchers, technicians, and staff who may publish an article during their terms of employment.*   
Dear New Member of the OIST Research Community,   
Welcome to OIST!   
We would like to inform you of the submitting the Deposit License which is one-time comprehensive license that applies to all OIST research works to be deposited into OISTIR (OIST Institutional Repository). 
OISTIR provides Open Access to OIST Research Works, so each member of the OIST Research Community is required to submit a Deposit License.   
Your submission will be conducted digitally via DocuSign. 
Submission Procedure:   
1. Click the “REVIEW DOCUMENT” button in this email. 
2. Read the document from p. 1 to p. 5.   
3.  Sign the required part of the Deposit License on p. 5, and provide your permanent email address such as gmail or hotmail in case we need to contact you after the term of your employment expires. 
4.  Click the "FINISH" button, and close DocuSign. 
Related policies and the guidelines: 
PRP.4.11.6 (   
PRP.6.2.2 (   
OISTIR Guidelines (   


If you have a problem viewing it, you may need to click on "I trust content from..."  on the top of the e-mail.

Once received, please click the “REVIEW DOCUMENT” button in this email and sign the required parts of the Deposit License. You will receive a confirmation email later once all signatures have been received. 

Please note that if you have already submitted a signed Deposit License, no further action is needed. 
If you have any questions about the Deposit License or the process in general, please contact the OIST Graduate Library at 



OIST Graduate University Library