FY2018 Seminars on “METABOLIC SYNDROME”, Part 2: Lecture on Metabolic Syndrome


2018年11月12日 (月) 15:00




FY2018 Seminars on “METABOLIC SYNDROME” / 2018年度 連続セミナー “メタボリック症候群”

OIST Health center will invite Professor Koichi Takase, Faculty of Human Health, Meio University, and will hold 3 consecutive Health seminars.
As series the first, we will hold the "Lecture on Metabolic Syndrome" at the following schedule.

Part 2:  Let's Stay Healthy with Correct Knowledge on Oil~Lipid Metabolism and Physiology~

Date:November 12, (Mon) 15:00~16:00+Q&A10min

It will help your daily health management, OISTers, families, friends are all welcome, so please come and join us.
All seminars are free of charge and simultaneous interpretation is provided.
You don't need to register but for grasping the number of people, we would be grateful if you could send the following webform and tell us the number of participants.
Webform here

Also, please come by the venue on the day, even if you did not send the webform.
For 3 consecutive seminars, please visit the Health Center website. →
If you have any questions, please contact to healthcheckup@oist.jp .
We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend.

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