AY2021: Survey for Intended Enrollment Term

OIST can now provide some courses and lab rotations in an online format from September 2021.  As such, we would like to confirm your intended enrollment time (September 2021 or January 2022). Enrollment for remote study starting September 2021 will only be possible if you have adequate computer access and Internet connection.

You will be able to use your own computer to take part in rotations and classes once you receive an OIST IT account.  However, please understand that not all courses or laboratory rotations can be available online due to restrictions on access to some IT infrastructure, and of course experimental work in laboratories is not possible online.

We also include a list of recommended courses available online from MIT which may be available for credit if taken as Independent Study with an OIST faculty tutor.  Even if these are not taken for credit, we recommend taking one or more of these foundation courses in preparation for the advanced courses in neuroscience, quantum mechanics, and other areas that require you to demonstrate adequate prior knowledge (details in the course catalog at https://groups.oist.jp/grad/list-courses-number).  This will prepare you to jump right into the advanced courses in January.

Please be aware that good internet connectivity is of primary importance. If your internet connection is insufficient to reliably stream classes or maintain an online connection you may need to consider defering to the following term (January 2022).

Please complete this survey by 9:00 AM (JST) on the 26th of July.

If you choose to enrol in January 2022 in Okinawa, you do not need to select any courses below.

We are sorry, but you need to defer to the following term (January 2022).

Select up to two courses for your 1st term from the list below. Advanced courses begin with an A, and require significant prior knowledge. Basic courses start with a B and have no prerequisites.
The Graduate School recommends that you take appropriate self-study preparatory courses from within this list as preparation for advanced OIST courses later. Credit may be available for taking these under the OIST Independent Study course framework (depending on enrollment numbers etc.). Please indicate here if you would be interested in taking any of these courses instead of or in addition to one or more OIST online courses. See https://groups.oist.jp/course/independent-study for details of the Independent Study credit system. This does require an OIST faculty to act as a tutor, we can discuss this with you if there is sufficient demand.