When you get “Positive” during the travel...


When you get “Positive” during the travel...

COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures
OIST Response to COVID-19

When you get tested positive on COVID-19 and required to change your itinerary for recovery, you need to follow the below instructions to minimize your risk of financial burden. Unfortunate situation can be relaxed by insurance claim, so please do follow the steps and get reimbursed what you spent for.

1. Undergo a medical examination

An official certificate of result (issued from hospital or medical institution) is necessary for changing the flight, claiming travel insurance, and covering for the extended hotel stay.



* Please note that insurance coverage is not available without a proof that the itinerary has changed as a result of the doctor's official diagnosis. Please avoid falling into the situation that you will be responsible for any costs associated with extending or changing your itinerary due to no insurance coverage.

* If it is difficult to find the medical institution, please contact the insurance company first, and follow their instruction.


2. Contact Travel Insurance Company (Mitsui Sumitomo, Sompo Japan)

Mitsui Sumitomo: Insurance Line (Japan → Overseas) 

Sompo Japan: Overseas Medical Helpline Contact Number (when injured or illness)

What To Prepare:
*Your insurance policy number

Travel insurance policy number is found as below.

(Mitsui Sumitomo)


(Sompo Japan)

*Certificate of test result
Make an insurance claim and ask for instructions on the necessary process and documents which should be submitted after returning to Okinawa on your own responsibility. English-speaking operators are available on calls.
✔Check with them what expenses would be within the coverage, such as PCR test fee, medical cost, accommodation fee, costs for flight change, etc...

3. Contact JTB to change/cancel the flight arrangement <Email template>

Contact JTB for flight arrangements. When you send an email, please CCing the Graduate School Travel team <gs-travel@oist.jp>. 
Also, contact your supervisor or others as necessary for the change of travel schedule.
What To Prepare:
*Certificate of test result
*Self-isolation policy in the country where you stay.

Please contact the airline directory for the flight change when your flight is departing within 24 hrs. and when JTB is not in their business hour (Mon.-Fri. 10:00 AM-5:00 PM JST).

<For entry to Japan>

※Please check the Japanese Border Measures

COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures OIST Response to COVID-19

※If you do not obtain the Valid Vaccination Certificate*1 (completion of 3 doses), please follow the steps below. (No.4-6)

*1 https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/000997373.pdf


4. Arrange a PCR test after self-isolation is completed

You need to obtain “COVID-19 Negative Test Result Certificate” before departure for re-entry to Japan.
When you need help finding an institute, please try to reach the Japanese Embassy/Consulate website where sometimes authorized medical institutions are introduced, who issues the certificate of a test result that meets conditions by the Japanese government. Or contacting the travel Insurance company may help you find one.


5. If you still tested “Positive” even after the self-isolation and recovery

Please follow airline regulations.

  1. If your airline accepts a “Recovery letter” and” letter from the consulate”, please proceed with those letters. *2  
  2. In case your airline only accepts "Negative" results, please make an arrangement for another PCR test. If you still need to re-schedule the flight, please contact JTB again to change the flight. <see Email template>

*2You may need to prepare following documents instead of “COVID-19 Negative Test Result Certificate”.

a. Letter from the Japanese Consulate
In many cases, you may still be tested “Positive” after the recovery. In such cases, a letter from the Japanese Consulate could be issued as proof of recovery to re-enter to Japan, instead of a “COVID-19 Negative Test Result Certificate before departure”. Please check for the details and required documents with the Embassy/ Consulate near you and start preparing them as necessary.
b. An appointment with a doctor
To request a letter from the consulate, you may also need to make an appointment with a doctor to request a “Recovery letter”. It is recommended to make an appointment right in advance, just to be prepared in case of a "Positive" result. 


6. After the travel

Please prepare documents as written "After travel" and make an appointment with the GS travel team.




=====   Please fill BOLD and/or UNDERLINED PARTS yourself =====


Title: [ASAP]<Request for change/cancel> YOUR NAME_COUNTRY WHERE YOU STAY
 To: oist@jtb-cwt.com
CC: gs-travel@oist.jp


I am XXXXXXXXXXX, an OIST PhD student, flying with a JTB-issued ticket.
I am contacting you to ask for flight quotes as I will not be able to fly as scheduled due to positive result on PCR test.

My original flight is scheduled on MM/DD from COUNTRY. Could you please check the change/cancellation policy of my current ticket and provide me the quates for following options?

  1. ) Change the current ticket to depart on the closest date after the date below.
  2. ) Cancel the current flight and arrange the new ticket (Condition: Refundable)

My expected earliest departure date after recovery is MM/DD, as estimated in the [Details] section below.

Also, please inform the condition for boarding of the airline, such as required documents, format of the documents, contents of the documents, etc,.


  • Test result: SEND THROUGH GigaCc  
  • Self-isolation policy in the county where I stay: INSERT URLwhere policy by the authority is found 
  • Important Dates:
    • The first date when I started having symptoms: MM/DD
    • Tested date: MM/DD 
    • Test method: PCR/Antigen/Other
    • Expected final date of my self-isolation according to the above policy: MM/DD
    • Expected earliest departure date (3 days after above date):  MM/DD

OIST GS Travel Team (gs-travel@oist.jp) will contact you for an official order for a change/cancellation of my flight after obtaining the new quates.

Thank you.