Class of 2021 Intro

Welcome Class of 2021!

Though many of you are unfortunately still overseas, you're now an OISTer and we'd like to first give a warm OIST welcome! As a way to integrate into our community, we'd like to introduce you to the rest of the university members so they get to know about you. As a tradition, we'd like to collect each student's portrait so we can create a little picture collage of new PhD students. In this, we ask for your help to fill out the form below and provide your photo and a quick intro..

Please note that your picture and self-introduction (reference images below) may be used for OIST internal communication as well as OIST social media. So please share your all-time favorite solo picture with the biggest smile!

Submission Deadline: Monday, January 17th 2022





Submit Your Photo and Intro

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Files must be less than 15 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg.

Guideline of your photo

  1. Try to avoid cropping group photo
  2. Please provide highest resolution possible
  3. JPEG format
  4. Rename the file name to your full name - Ex.)
  5. A horizontal photo is preferred (Be careful for those who take your selfie with your phone)