Faculty Lunchtime Seminar

Goal: To facilitate intellectual exchanges and collaborations among faculty members across different disciplines

Coordinators: Yasha, Simone, Yoshi, and Akiko (FAO)

Inquiry: faculty-lunch-coordinators@oist.jp

Date/Time: Tuesday or Wednesday

  • 12:00    Open
  • 12:10    Talk starts
  • 12:40    Discussion
  • 12:50    End


  • Black/white board. If absolutely necessary, 1-2 slides
  • Start with brief introduction of the research unit
  • Mainly talk about new ideas or ongoing project
  • A speaker is encouraged to give a title (for the announcement), abstract is optional
  • A speaker can decide whether the talk is open to all or faculty only
  • Chaired by the coordinator of the week
  • Bring your own lunch

Speakers (Year 12: Sep 2022- - Aug 2023)  To see past talks, click here.

  Date Room Speaker Host Link
4 Oct 19 (Wed) L4E48 ★Prof. Ugur Abdulla Yasha Seminar (Ugur Abdulla)
3 Oct 12 (Wed) L4E48 ★Prof. Qing Liu Yasha Seminar (Qing Liu)
2 Sep 28 (Wed) L4E48 Prof. Kaz Tanaka Yasha Seminar (Kaz Tanaka)
1 Sep 7 (Wed) B250 Prof. Kenji Doya Yasha Seminar (Kenji Doya)