PLAN member benefits

OIST has joined the ranks of Harvard, MIT, UPenn, Princeton, Brown, UC Berkeley, and many more as a PLAN member university. PLAN - the Post Landfill Action Network - supports students for zero waste. Like students at these prestigious universities who have pledged to reduce (and eventually eliminate) single-use plastics on campus, Environmentally Conscious OISTers are also working towards this important goal. 

As a PLAN member University, ALL OISTers (regardless of whether you join ECO club!) receive many member benefits. To access your member benefits, click "LogIn" at the top right of the of the PLAN homepage.  Register by entering a username and your OIST email (everyone with an "" email account has access). After you register and login, access your benefits by clicking "MemberHub" at the top right of the PLAN homepage. 

Member benefits include:

  • Discounts on sustainable living items:
    • Klean Kantene -  40%
    • Bee's Wrap - 15% 
    • SimplyStraws - 15% 
    • To-Go Ware - 20%
    • ecojarz - 20%
    • Liberty Bottleworks - 10% 
    • Brush with bamboo - 10%
    • GearAid 15% 
    • more!
  • Leadership Workshops and Certification Trainings (online webinars)  
  • Program-specififc Workshops (e.g. Plastic-Free campuses, Free & Thrift Stores, To-go container programs, Food recovery & compost )
  • Online Resources (manuals, templates, guides, etc.)