Gordon Arbuthnott


Education: BSc PhD (Aberdeen)

Nationality: British
Scotland, U.K.


  • Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh, 1996
  • Teaching Award Department of Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh 2002
  • Honorary Professor, University of Otago, 2010

Research Career

  • Karolinska Institute
  • University of Aberdeen
  • Medical Research Council, University of Edinburgh
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Otago (NZ)

Selected Publications

Randall FE, Garcia-Munoz M, Vickers C, Schock SC, Staines WA, Arbuthnott GW (2011) The corticostriatal system in dissociated cell culture. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 5.

Schock SC, Jolin-Dahel KS, Schock PC, Staines WA, Garcia-Munoz M and Arbuthnott GW (2010) Striatal interneurons in dissociated cell culture. Histochemistry and Cell Biology.134 1-12.

Arbuthnott G., Garcia-Munoz M. (2009) Dealing with the devil in the detail – some thoughts about the next model of the basal ganglia. Parkinsonism and related disorders 15 S3 139-142

Dejean, C., Hyland, B., Arbuthnott, G. W. (2009) Cortical Effects of Subthalamic Stimulation Correlate with Behavioral Recovery from Dopamine Antagonist. 
Cerebral Cortex 19 1055-1063

Li, S., Arbuthnott, G.W., Jutras, M.J., Goldberg, J.A., Jaeger, D. (2007) Resonant antidromic cortical circuit activation as a consequence of high-frequency subthalamic deep-brain stimulation. J Neurophysiol. 98  3525-3537

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