Perovskite Solar Cell

A large scale perovskite solar cell panel quickly fabricated using the RHCVD method, exhibiting high energy efficiencies and good film uniformity.


Perovskite has attracted much attention as a 3rd generation energy material because of its low cost and its rapid increase in efficiency. However, currently known fabrication methods suffer from low efficiency, stability and processing times.


This technology is based on rapid hybrid chemical vapor deposition (RHCVD), a novel technique of rapidly producing high quality, high performance, flexible materials and is compatible with scaled up operations. In addition to the superior perovskite films that it can produce, increased reproducibility and process controllability offer a competitive advantage.


- Solar Cells

- Batteries

- Light Emitting Diodes


- Rapid processing

- Perovskite uniformity

- Reproducibility / process control

- Low cost / large area


Perovskite, solar cell, battery, light emitting diode, chemical vapor deposition


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