OIST Innovation Mentors & Reviewers

OIST Innovation is supported by a global network of experts in science, business, and industry. These accomplished professionals contribute with their expertise to support our innovative research teams and startups across various domains:

  • Technology development (all fields)
  • Product development (all sectors)
  • Regulatory affairs (pharma, medical devices, ag/food, industrial, etc.)
  • Intellectual property
  • Market analysis/Business planning
  • Startups/Venture capital

There are 2 levels of engagement with innovators at OIST, as a Mentor or as a Reviewer.

OIST Innovation Mentors

Through a curated matching process, OIST Innovation Mentors are volunteers who offer their advice to research projects and startups at OIST. If selected and matched, you will commit a mutually agreed amount of time (~2 hours per month) to help these teams turn their ideas into global societal impact.

In return, you will have a front row seat to groundbreaking science and new technologies as they emerge from the research labs. 

Matching Process: 

The matching process between the Mentor and mentee involves several steps to ensure a successful mentoring relationship. 

1. Needs - The mentee identifies the skills, expertise, and experience they need from a mentor to support their projects.  

2. Screening - OIST Innovation Staff identifies a mentor through a careful screening process considering their skills, experience, and compatibility with the mentee(s). The screening process may involve reviewing the Mentor's resume or CV and conducting interviews. The Mentor should also be interested in the mentee's project and be willing and able to commit to the mentoring relationship. 

3. Introduction - Once a suitable mentor is identified, the mentee and Mentor have an initial meeting to discuss their goals, expectations, and the scope of the mentoring relationship. They should also establish a clear communication plan and schedule for the mentoring sessions. 

4. Agreement - If both parties agree to engage in the mentoring program, the Mentor will sign the agreement document. 

5. Relationship - Throughout the mentoring relationship, the mentee(s) and Mentor should provide ongoing feedback to ensure that the relationship meets their needs and goals. If necessary, adjustments can be made to the mentoring plan to ensure that the relationship continues to be successful. 

OIST Innovation Reviewers

OIST Innovation Reviewers are on-call to provide objective, constructive, and timely reviews of grant proposals, pitch decks, business plans, etc. 

OIST Innovation Reviewers are expected to:

  • Review an assigned proposal within the review period
  • Provide objective and constructive comments
  • Analyze proposals for market fit, innovation potential, technical feasibility, strength of team and resources, and broad impact

OIST Innovation Reviewers are offered a modest stipend per review. 

If you are interested in contributing as a OIST Innovation Mentor or Reviewer, please get in touch with us at  rdcluster@oist.jp for more information.