Join the lab

Please email Dave if you are interested in joining or visiting the group! 


We are always looking to host postdocs funded by independent fellowships. Please send me an email if your research interests overlap with those of the group and would like to co-develop a proposal together. Some of the funding opportunities to join us include:

Graduate Students

Prospective graduate students whose research interests complement those of our group are encouraged to apply for the graduate program. OIST offers a 5-year PhD program in Science with application deadlines in mid-November and early April each year. This position comes with an annual salary, travel allowance, housing allowance, and access to almost any scientific instrument you could possibly dream up. Applicants who enter the program through this route spend their first year rotating between three research units before choosing a PhD advisor.

A second way to enter the PhD program (and our unit more directly) is via the research intern to PhD pathway program. This program is available to folks who have already spent time in our unit as a research intern (see below). If you are not sure you want to pursue a PhD in ecology but are interested, this option is highly recommended!

Undergraduates and postgraduates (including those with Master's Degrees)

We welcome applications for the fully-funded 2-6 month Research Internship Program. Deadlines for these applications are April 15 and October 15. The internship program funds round-trip travel and acommodations at OIST, and provides a living stipend. As detailed above, the internship program is highly recommended for those who wish to pursue a PhD in our group but are unsure about making the 5-year commitment.

Rotation Students

I am happy to host OIST students looking for rotation experience in ecology and/or evolution. Previous experience in these fields is not required, as there are innumerable ways in which physicists, chemists, molecular biologists, mathematicians, etc. can meaningfully contribute to our research. 

Visiting Researchers

We always welcome inquiries for researchers at any career stage who are interested in a short-term visit to our unit to pursue collaborative research. There are a variety of internal and external opportunities to fund such visits. Please get in touch if you are interested!