Obtaining a Vaccine Passport (vaccination certificate of COVID-19) / ワクチンパスポート(新型コロナウイルス感染症 予防接種証明書)の取得について

*This information is available to all OIST staff and students.

If you wish to have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, please apply at your municipal office. From Dec-20-2021, Onna, Yomitan, Uruma, and Kin have started issuing a vaccine passport with QR code.
With an app and your "My Number card", you can obtain the digital version of the certificate: for the details, please refer to the website https://www.digital.go.jp/policies/posts/vaccinecert (But Japanese text only)

Please visit the link here OIST recourse center made a video how to apply for a digital vaccination certificate.


Who can apply? 申請可能なのは

Those who have confirmed overseas travel within 1-2 months.
 *If you plan to travel abroad more than 1-2 months later from now, please wait to apply: there is a possibility to renew the application system.


Notes ご注意

  1. If you received COVID-19 vaccine at OIST and still have a Vaccination Coupon, please submit/contact the OIST health center as soon as possible. For issuing a vaccine passport, vaccination history must be registered online into the government system and a coupon (sticker) is required.
  2. Please print out your municipality application form below and fill it out in advance.
  3. Please consider visiting the municipal office avoiding lunch hours, though they are open during lunchtime (12 pm~1pm).
  4. Please apply for a vaccine passport with time to spare as you might have to wait for up to 2 weeks.
  5. For Uruma-city residents: Currently, Uruma-city accepts applications by postal mail in principle.
  1. OISTにてワクチン接種を受けた方で、まだ接種券をお持ちの方は速やかに保健センターまでメールでご連絡ください。(接種券情報が未登録の場合、公式に接種を受けたとみなされていません。接種済証明書の発行にはワクチン接種履歴が正式に登録されている必要があり、接種券は履歴登録に必要な情報です)
  2. 申請書(下記からダウンロード可能)にあらかじめ必要事項を記入してから自治体へお出かけください。
  3. 申請の際は、12時から1時のお昼の時間を避けていただけるようご協力をお願いいたします。
  4. 市町村によっては発行までに2週間を要する場合がありますのでご留意ください。
  5. うるま市は、原則的に郵送での申込受付です。https://www.city.uruma.lg.jp/sp/kurashi/120/18389/21803/22965

What you need to apply 申請時に必要なもの

  • Application form (Onna, Uruma, Yomitan, Kin)
  • Vaccination cerficicate sheet (with vaccine lot number sticker)
  • Passport valid for travel
  • ID (driver's license, residence card, or my number card, etc.)
  • OIST original Certificate of vaccination (A5 size which was given at the OIST Auditorium- only for those who received 1st and 2nd shot at OIST, we did not issue this for booster shot)
  • Reply Envelop (120×235mm size) and 84 yen stamp (If you would like to receive it by post mail)
  • 申請書(恩納村うるま市読谷村金武町
  • 接種済証(接種券) ワクチンのLot番号のシールが貼付されている
  • 渡航時に有効なパスポート
  • 身分証明書(免許証、在留証明書、マイナンバーカードなど)
  • OIST独自の接種証明書(接種後、講堂でお渡ししたA5サイズの書類:1回目2回目をOISTで接種された方のみ。3回目接種では発行しておりません。
  • 返信用封筒(長形3号)と84円切手(郵送での受け取りを希望する場合)

Vaccination cerficicate sheet (with vaccine lot number sticker)


OIST original Certificate of vaccination/OIST独自の接種証明書:1回目2回目をOISTで接種された方のみ。3回目接種では発行しておりません。

The latest information (MHLW)

COVID-19 vaccination certificate for overseas travel