Vaccine Passport (vaccination certificate of COVID-19) / ワクチンパスポート(新型コロナウイルス感染症 予防接種証明書)について

A vaccine Passport (certificate of vaccination) can be issued by your residence municipality.
If you have already submitted your 1st and 2nd vaccination coupon to the OIST vaccination working group, you can visit your municipal office directly since we have registered all vaccinators' information into the government system.
Please print out your municipality application form below and fill it out it in advance.

If you still have a vaccination coupon, please contact to OIST health center as soon as possible.



Those who have confirmed overseas travel within 1-2 month.
(Please wait to apply for the Vaccine Passport if you plan to overseas travel after 1 month because there is a possibility to renewed the Vaccine Passport)





【Personal belongings to municipal office】

  • Application form (Onna, Uruma, Yomitan, Kin)
  • Vaccination coupon (stickers with vaccine Lot number)
  • Passport valid for travel
  • ID (Driver's license, residence card, or my number card, etc.)
  • OIST original Certificate of vaccination (A5 size which is given at the vaccination site)
  • Reply Envelop(120×235mm size) and 84 yen stamp (If you would like to receive by post mail)


  • 申請書(恩納村うるま市読谷村金武町
  • 接種券(Lot番号のシールを貼付している)
  • 渡航時に有効なパスポート
  • 身分証明書
  • OIST独自の接種証明書(接種会場でお渡ししているA5サイズもの)
  • 返信用封筒(長形3号)と84円切手(郵送での受け取りを希望する場合)


Vaccination Coupon from municipality/自治体から届いた接種券


OIST original Certificate of vaccination/OIST独自の接種証明書