OIST Clinic

Business continuity plan of clinic (until the end of May 6)

<Critical Operation>

No clinical services at OIST clinic (dual-role staff stay in the OIST health center)


  •  In case of emergency, standby staff is called up and come to OIST to handle the situation.
  • 1~2 staff continue to be onsite (OIST health center)
  • In principal, health consultation will be provided by online or telephone, not face to face by one of health professionals.
  • Continue to act as liaison between client and local clinic/hospital

<Communication methods>

☑︎OIST clinic provides following services:

  • First aid / Internal medicine
  • Health consultation / Second opinion
  • Hospital referral / Reservation assistance
    *JPY500 per a letter (i.e. medical certificate/referral letter)
  • Follow-up after health checkups
    *Clinical assessment/treatment except image diagnosis
  • Vaccination (approved vaccination only)
    *Need appointment one week prior the vaccination

☑︎ Opening hours (Reservation required)

AM/PM Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:30am-11:30am OPEN OPEN
2:00pm-4:00pm 1st, 2nd, 3rd Monday 4th

 ・A patient without an appointment will be treated only if it is an emergency case.
 ・Opening hours may change due to relevant events such as group health checkups, other school events and also due to our staff members' schedule.

☑︎Scope of patients and Fees (Japanese yen, cash only)

  • For Students: free of charge in principle.
  • For Employees*: 30% of the total medical fee (equivalent to the fee after using health    insurance) *Including research fellows (i.e JSPS research fellows)
  • Fee for family members (i.e. spouses and children): 30% of the total medical fee.

We will response to the patients other than above only when it is medically indispensable. The  fee will be charged equivalent to 100% of the total medical fee.

☑︎How to make an appointment?

By sending an email message or making phone call to 098-982-3446 (ext. 23446)



  • 救急・総合内科
  • 医療機関の紹介(診断書、紹介状の作成は1件につき500円かかります)
  • セカンドオピニオンの提供
  • 健診後のフォローアップ(画像診断をのぞく健診後の再検査や精密検査など)
  • ワクチン接種(日本国内で認可されている手配可能なワクチンのみ)


 ※健康診断、 その他の学内行事、学会等で医師や看護師が不在の場合には診療時間が変更になる場合があります。

9:30am-11:30am 開室 開室
2:00pm-4:00pm 第1,2,3週


  • 学生:基本的に無料。
  • 職員*:保険診療での支払額と同額(保険診療の3割負担相当)*リサーチフェロー(JSPS特別研究員等)含む
  • 職員・学生の家族(子供と配偶者):保険診療の3割負担相当