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Special Health Checkup 特殊健診

According to Japanese law, people who handle harmful substances or potentially harmful activities at work as shown below need to take the mandatory Special Health Checkup twice a year.

Contents of Special Health Checkup 特殊健診内容

  • Organic Solvents 有機溶剤
  • Specified Chemical Substances 特定化学物質
  • dust, fine particles (Peumoconoisis ) 粉じん作業(じん肺健診)
  • Asbestos 石綿
  • Lead 鉛
  • Ttraalkyl lead 四アルキル鉛
  • Ionizing Radiation 電離放射線
  • High Pressure (e.g. diving)  高気圧
  • Vibration 振動
  • Noise 騒音 
  • VDT(for people using a computer for long hours at work and would like to take a VDT test; 業務で長時間コンピュータを使用される方で、VDT健診を希望される方 )
  • Laser (Eye exam)  レーザー(眼科検査)
  • Acidic Chemicals (Dental exam)  酸(歯科検査)

Special health Checkup can be conducted at the same time of your annual health checkup.
Are you required to undergo Special Health Checkup?


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