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OIST Clinic is an officially registered  medical facility which mainly aims to provide OIST community with primary care. Hospitalization is not available at the facility.

  • Advance appointment is preferable.
  • Please provide your OIST ID at the reception. If you do not have OIST ID, please bring your photo ID.


Eligible Cases

Primary focus of OIST Clinic is to provide an emergent response or first aid to an individual who is suffering from illness or injury. This may involve assessing, diagnosing and treating the individual and/or referring to external resources for further diagnostic assessments, consultations or treatments.

Eligible People

  • OIST students (including shot-term interns)
  • OIST employees
  • Family members of OIST student/employee (children, parents, spouse/partner)
  • Short-Term Visitors
  • Temporary Staff & Vendors

Medical Practices

  • Examinations ( e.g. blood test, urine test, ultrasound, ECG)
  • ​Treatments (e.g. medication prescription, drip infusion, stitch)
  • Official Documents (e.g. medical certificate, referral letter)
  • Vaccinations (appointment required)

In some cases, we may not be able to provide services:

  • Regular Prescription for Chronic Illness/Condition
    (except for acute deterioration and difficulty in using external medical institutions)
  • Examination by Professionally-Equipped Medical Facility (e.g. CT scan, MRI, gastrofiberscopy, pregnancy checkup)
  • Importing Vaccine
  • Child Vaccination/Health Checkup


The fee depends on a private practice charging system since OIST Clinic is not under the public health insurance system.
The fee payment has to be made in cash (Japanese Yen only) by 5p.m. on the same day.

OIST Student
  • basically free​
  • ​​In some cases, payment will be required.
    e.g. medical certificate
OIST Employee

Short Term Visitor
Temp Staff


  • 30% of the original cost
    - equivalent to copayment under Japan's National Health Insurance coverage
  • ​​plus actual expenses of medications and examinations

*Receipts for Tax Return: Only the expenses necessary for treatment can be used for tax return filing. Those for preventive purposes, such as vaccination and voluntary antibody test, cannot be included.

Reception Hours / Closed Days

A.M./P.M. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.

*Close on Weekends & Holidays
*After-hour visits will be accepted in case of emergency or at your request as long as it does not hinder our regular work. 
*Please contact Health Center when you cannot reach clinic staff.

Appointment / Contact   098-982-3446 ext.23446

Before seeing the doctor, you will be asked to fill out Registration Form(only for your first visit) and Questionnaire at the reception. 
For shortening the waiting time, it is recommended to fill out the form and send to the clinic by email or bring to your appointment.(Your temperature, blood pressure, and pulse will be filled out at the clinic.) 

 Registration Form / Questionnaire


B234, Level B, Center Bldg. @OIST Onna Campus



OIST Clinic provides medicalservice with individual's agreement.
Patients' medical information will be handled with the utmost care. We do not release the information without consent of the patient unless there is a probable cause for doing so, such as in compelling circumstances affecting the health and safety of an individual.