List of Approved Application FY2020

Human Subject Research at OIST

Reference Number Unit (PI) Lead Investigator Date of Approval Experiment End Date Protocol Title
HSR-2019-015 Health Center Tomoari Mori 2020/4/13 2021/3/31 Multisite pragmatic randomized controlled trial of a parent training program specific to ADHD: Toward implementation in the community
HSR-2020-021 Doya U Yukako Yamane 2020/6/19 2024/3/31 Visual psychophysical study for neural representation of uncertainty
HSR-2020-017 Health Center Tomoari Mori 2020/6/19 2023/3/31 How far medical problems for foreign residents can be resolved by discussing with Japanese medical practitioners?
HSR-2020-026 Provost Mary Collins 2020/8/3 2021/3/31 Survey of antibody retention rate for OIST staff and students against SARS-CoV-2
HSR-2020-018 Froese U Ekaterina Sangati 2020/10/19 2022/1/31 Interpersonal synchronization in different interactive mediums
HSR-2020-019 Froese U Ekaterina Sangati 2020/10/19 2022/5/31 Active, embodied and extended perception in sensory substitution
HSR-2020-027 Froese U Maria Gohlke 2020/12/3 2022/3/31 Active, interactive and social perception through eye gaze