HSRRC Members

Membership          Name Expertise Affiliation
Chair Tsuyoshi Kondo Researcher (Psychiatory) Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus
Member Orie Nishimura Expert in law Lawyer, Yua Law Office
Member Yuichi Maru Expert in ethics/researcher (Ethics) Professor, Tottori University Faculty of Regional Sciences
Member Kentaro Tamaki Medical doctor/local society Director, Okinawa Medical Association
Member Tom Froese Researcher (Cognitive Science) Assistant Professor, OIST Graduate Univeristy
Member Masato Tsutsui Researcher (Pharmacology) Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus
Member Katsuya Kinjo Representative of the pubic/local culture/society Science and Technology Promotion Division, Okinaw Prefecture
Member Gail Tripp Researcher (Psychology) Professor, OIST Graduate School
Member  Aya Yasunaga Representative of the public/local society Board of Education, Onna Village
Member Hiroki Ishikawa Researcher (Immunology) Associate Professor, OIST Graduate University
Observer Member Thomas Burns Expert in ethics/researcher (Neuroscience) OIST PhD Student

Observer Member: Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns, OIST Student

Thomas was appointed as observer member in November 2020. With Master’s degree in Bioethics, Mr. Burns will provide opinions to the Committee as an expert in ethics as stipulated in Article 2-1 of the OIST Rules for Human Subjects Research Review Committee. As an observer member Mr. Burns will have the right to speak during HSRRC meetings, but will not have any voting rights. In practice this means that he may attend meetings, offer opinions and ask questions, but he will not vote in decisions regarding the approval or otherwise of ethics applications. The term of the position shall be two years in accordance with Article 2-6 of the Rules, and he may be reappointed.

As an observer member Mr. Burns will participate in ethics review for human subjects’ research from now on. If an applicant does not wish the observer member to be involved in the review, he or she can ask the observer member to be excused from the review by contacting the Secretariat in advance. As with all HSRRC members Mr. Burns will keep confidential information he is privy to in his role as a committee member.