In Case of Emergency

If you or someone else is in urgent need of medical assistance, please contact:

  • OIST Help Line: 098-966-8989 (24hrs/ 7days,English available)
  • Fire Engine / Ambulance: 119 (24hrs/ 7days,English available)
  • Police: 110 (24hrs/ 7days,English available)


If you need medical assistance during our business hours, please contact: 

  • OIST Health Center: 098-966-8945 (ext.28945) 9:30AM- 5PM weekday
  • OIST Clinic: 098-982-3446 (ext.23446)   Schedule


If you need any support regarding health problems, please contact:

Language support

Available languages: English, Chinese (Beijing, Cantonese), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, French, Nepali, Malaysian, Italian, German, Russian (16 languages)

Reception hours: 24hrs/ 7days

Any assistance from an emergency to a simple inquiry

The Japan Helpline provides assistance for any situation, from an emergency to a simple inquiry.

Reception hours: 24hrd /7days

Mental support

Free anonymous telephone counseling and support across Japan

Reception hours: 9am-11pm/7 days​

Emergency Procedures