OIST Haarii Club

Who we are

OIST Haarii boat club was born out of our passion and enthusiasm for dragon boat races and Okinawan culture! OIST is invited to the annual Harii race at Maeganeku port and we always have a great time engaging with our Onna neighbours and trying our best to compete with professional fisherman.

Now we have our very own Harii boat and are able to practice year-round (at Seragaki port). If you want to create OIST history and win the local Harii race, we are going to need to get plenty of practice in!

Want to know more about Haarii racing? Please join our Facebook page or e-mail Lorena (lorena.andreoli@oist.jp), Teo (theodoros.bouloumis@oist.jp), or Harry (harry.wilson@oist.jp).


Regular club practices at Seragaki will compliment the upcoming OIST-wide practices at Maeganeku. If you want to receive regular information about it, join our Facebook group or e-mail us!

How can I help?

For donations and suggestions, please contact us on facebook