Survey to Confirm Enrollment Term (for students intended to enroll in January 2022)

As we are unable to gauge when the Japanese government will open its borders to incoming students, at this stage we must operate on the assumption that enrollment in January will still be on an remote basis.  OIST will be able to provide some courses and lab rotations in an online format.  As such, we would like to confirm your intended enrollment time (January 2022 or May 2022).  Enrollment for remote study will only be possible if you have adequate computer access and Internet connection.

You will be able to use your own computer to take part in rotations and classes once you receive an OIST IT account.  However, please understand that not all courses or laboratory rotations can be available online due to restrictions on access to some IT infrastructure, and of course experimental work in laboratories is not possible online.

Please be aware that good internet connectivity is of primary importance. If your internet connection is insufficient to reliably stream classes or maintain an online connection you may need to consider deferring to the following term (May 2022).

Please note that even when enrolling as a remote student, this is a temporary measure only and as soon as it is possible to relocate to Okinawa you will be required to do so.

Please complete this survey by 9:00 AM (JST) on the 30th of September.

We are sorry, but you need to defer to the following term (May 2022).