Skill Pill: Phylogenetic Reconstruction

Skill Pill: Phylogenetic Reconstruction will help you evolve and diversify your skills!

Phylogenetic reconstruction is a useful tool to study species diversification, character evolution and inform conservation decisions. The main objective of this Skill Pill is to familiarize participants on methods and the theory behind them. First, there will be an introductory class and then a hands-on demonstration of a set of freely available programs.  

This Skill Pill will be taught by Dr. Darko D. Cotoras Viedma, a postdoc visiting the Ecology and Evolution Unit (Mikheyev Unit). Don't miss your chance to learn from him.

Target audience

This Skill Pill is suitable for anyone, no previous epxerience required.


The teachers will be  Dr. Darko D. Cotoras Viedma.


The list of topics that will be covered follows:

  1. Generalities about working with DNA and RNA
  2. What is COI and other molecular markers
  3. Sequence alingment
  4. Selection of models of molecular evolution
  5. Phylogenetic reconstruction
  6. Evaluation of phylogenies
  7. Application of phylogenies
  8. Next Generation Sequencing

In the second sessions, the participants will use the following free programs: MrBayes Tracer, PartitionFinder, FigTree and others.

Date Time Topic
Tuesday, April 10 1PM - 3PM Lectures, see list of topics above
Thursday April 12 1PM - 4PM Hands-on exercises

You can find all the material used in this Skill Pill here.

More information

  • Location: C700, Lab 3.
  • What to bring: a laptop. 
  • Drinks: There will be free coffee and tea, bring your cup!

If you are interested in the course but cannot participate to this particular event, let us know and we will contact you for any later occurrence of the Skill Pill.

Thank you very much for your interest.

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