Skill Clinic

The Skill Clinic is a learning environment where students benefit from tutors' experience and tutors themselves learn by teaching.


Modus Operandi

The Graduate School provides a list of topics to run on a term basis. Students or OIST members who wish to participate will sign up and be provided with a curriculum and tutorial plan. The participants are expected to read through the material on their own, and join the weekly tutorial session where they will sharpen their skills with problem solving, either alone or in small groups.

Depending on the topic, there may be regular tests designed to extend the participants' abilities. 

Target Audience and Teaching Opportunities

The topics for the Skill Clinic will be chosen according to OIST PhD students' needs, but will be open for any OIST members, research or staff. Participation in the Skill Clinic is voluntary and should be driven by a will to learn above anything else.

Each topic will be taught by one or several volunteer tutors, chosen from the student body. The Skill Clinic provides a great opportunity for students to develop their teaching ability. For tutorials of 90 minutes and 15 weeks per term, one term of tutoring represents 22.5 hours of contact tutoring hours.

The details of the curriculum will be decided in collaboration with the tutors and the Graduate School. 

Credits and Recognition

Because of the unaccredited nature of the Skill Clinic, participants will not be able to earn OIST credits that contribute to their degree. Nevertheless, we are confident that the skills that the students work towards will be fully rewarding in their own right.

For tutors, participation will be officially recorded and the contact tutoring hours will be logged. We will however require that the direct supervisor of the tutors be notified in advance of the participation to the Skill Clinic.


Volunteer to Be a Tutor

If you are interested in tutoring, please contact Jeremie Gillet.

Topics will be determined in function of the volunteer tutors' field of knowledge. Topics that are likely to be picked include undergrad level courses of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, but we are open to propositions for topics beyond those. 

Topics for Term 2 (year 2018-2019)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Neurobiology for Dummies AManana Kutsia, Mai Omar Abdulrahman Ahmed  and Swathy Babu(PhD students).
Skill Clinic: R.Python Jigyasa Arora, Julian Katzke, Prasanna Vijayaraghavan and Stefano Pascarelli

Topics for Term 1 (year 2018-2019)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Mathematical Intuition Yuna Hattori, Ayaka Usui 
Skill Clinic: Intro to Molecular Biology Agneesh Barua, Takeshi Yagui, Ivan Koludarov, Kun-Lung Li
Skill Clinic: R Jigyasa Arora, and Julian Katzke

Topics for Term 3 (year 2017-2018)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Math II Tosif Ahamed, Alexandru Mihai, Lewis Ruks and Jason Ball 
Skill Clinic: Haskell Jeremie Gillet
Skill Clinic: R Jigyasa Arora, Yazmin Zurita and Maggi Brisbin

Topics for Term 2 (year 2017-2018)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Math I Alisher Duspayev, Dmitrii Koldaev, Tosif Ahamed and Jiabao Chen

Topics for Term 3 (year 2016-2017)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Linear Algebra Yoriko Yamamura, Dongqi Han and Han Yan

Topics for Term 2 (year 2016-2017)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Intro to Molecular Biology Agneesh Barua, Dina Mostafa and Nishtha Ranawat
Skill Clinic: Python Yuka Suzuki and Jeremie Gillet 

Topics for Term 1 (year 2016-2017)

Topic Teachers
Skill Clinic: Microscopy Thomas Nieddu, Saahil Acharya and Margaret Mars Brisbin 
Skill Clinic: MATLAB Ruth Thompson and Ratnesh Gupta


For more information about the Skill Clinic, never hesitate to contact Jeremie Gillet.