Scholarships Information for OIST Graduate Students

While the university guarantees support, students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships. In order to reward success, financial support provided by the university will be used to supplement external fellowships, up to a maximum of 3.0 million yen total, which is 0.6 million yen above the standard level. There is an obligation on students to report fellowships to the Graduate School Office.

Many external fellowships and scholarships are available to students at OIST to supplement your research assistantship income.  These come from a variety of sources inside and outside of  Japan, with a variety of eligibility requirements.  We have selected those most appropriate to our students and urge you to consider applying for those that are relevant to your situation.  More scholarships are added to this list as they are announced.

Contact the Student Support Section for assistance with your application.


Application deadline in OIST
JSPS Fellow DC1

Those who are in the third year of five-year doctoral course under the integrated system (enrolled for more than 24 months and less than 36 months )

200,000 yen monthly See below


JSPS website


OIST website

JSPS Fellow DC2

Those who are in the fourth year and over of five-year doctoral course under the integrated system  (enrolled for more than 36 months and less than 60 months )

200,000 yen monthly See below


JSPS website


OIST website


Application Flow in OIST (Application for FY2018):

BY 31st March (Friday), 2017 :  Fill out and submit paper-based “Pre-submission Form”

BY 15th May (Monday), 2017 :    Submit required documents to Student Support Section via e-mail/online system.

                                                      Evaluation Form from your thesis supervisor (Online)

BY 1st June (Thursday), 2017:  JSPS deadline



Government Scholarships
Eligibility for Scholarship Benefits Application Period More Details

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship

Non-Japanese nationality


Age limit 35

1. Allowance: Doctoral Students 145,000 yen/month

2. Travel Support

The deadline of the applications differ according to each country.

Please enquire from the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country, or contact the OIST Graduate School Office.


from other Organizations


Otsuka Toshimi Foundation Scholarship

Citizen of Asia, the Middle East, Africa or citizens of Brazil, Russia, the Czech Republic.

Student of medicine, pharmacology, nutrition

1.0 million or 1.5 million yen/year

15 May 2015



Nitori International Scholarship

Non-Japanese nationality

2nd year students in integrated course

Japanese language ability

110,000 yen/month

1 August to 1 November 2015


NEC C&C Foundation Scholarships 

Non-Japanese nationality

Age limit 40

125,000 yen/month

15 July to 30 September 2014


Seiho Foundation Scholarship

Citizen of  Korea 70,000 yen/month 10 April to 25 April 2015


The Korean Scholarship Foundation

Citizen of  Korea

Age limit 40

70,000 yen/month 1 April to 25 April 2015 click

TEPCO Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Age limit 28

50,000 yen/month 30 June 2015 click

Hashiya Scholarship Foundation

Citizen of Indonesia 100,000 yen/month

30 April 2014


Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Doctoral Course Scholarship

Non-Japanese nationality

2nd or 3rd year students in a doctoral program

Japanese language ability

140,000 yen/month October 15 annually click

The Iwatani International Scholarship

Citizen of East and South-East Asian nations

3rd year of doctoral course in natural sciences

150,000 yen/month

1 - 20 December annually click

Interchange Association Scholarship

Citizen of Taiwan

Age limit 35

144,000 to 145,000 yen/month

23 October 2015 click

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

Domestic and international graduate students in Japan

Age limit 35

200,000 yen/month

1 October to 30 November annually click

Heiwa Nakajima Foundation

International students in Japan 120,000 yen/month September to October annually click

Tokyu Foundation for Inbound Students

Citizen of Asia-Pacific nations

Age limit 35

160,000 yen/month 1 October to 31 October 2014 click

Sato Yo International Scholarship

Citizen of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, East Timor, or Vietnam.

1. Allowance: 180,000 yen/month

2. Travel support

20  to 25 August 2015


Toka Kyoiku Bunka Koryu Zaidan

Citizen of People's Republic of China 80,000 yen/month  End of June 2015 click
College Women's Association of Japan Non-Japanese women 2.0 million/year 4 November, 2015 click
JSPS Ikushi Prize

Candidates must be doctoral students with outstanding academic records, who possess abundant qualities of humanity and who pursue their studies and research in an independent and vigorous manner. They must be nominated by either the president of their university or the director of an academic society to which they belong. They must be enrolled in a university doctoral program on 1 May and be under 34 years of age on 1 April of the subject fiscal year.
Overseas students enrolled in university doctoral programs in Japan are also eligible.

Should be recommended by supervisor and president

1.1 million/year

JSPS Fellow position in the following fiscal year



Graduate School informs faculty members for nomination



Honors Scholarship

One applicant per university 

Self-supporting international students  with excellent academic record 

See details

48,000 yen/month

for 12 months


Graduate School informs faculty members for nomination



Foreign Government Scholarships

Foreign government scholarships are a further scholarship option. For further information on application periods and benefits, please contact the appropriate agency in your country.