Attendance Record & Leave

Attendance Record

During your stay, all students are required to submit attendance record at the end of each month.

<How to>

  1. Please download an Attendance record and save it on your computer.
      Attendance record (<- click!)

  2. Fill out unit name, your name and supervisor's name in the instruction sheet. (* This excel file has several sheets separated by month.)

  3. (Daily) After you finish your daily work, please write time you worked and mark “x” in the “Check” box

  4. (Monthly) On the last day of the month and your internship, please print out the attendance record and sign on it.

  5. After your signature, please ask your Research Unit Administrator (RUA) for the professor’s signature.

  6. Bring it to the Student Affairs Section on the last day of the month.


Submission Deadline is very strict. Please note that your submission delay causes a payment delay. Roughly your internship allowance will be paid at the end of the following month.


*When you take leave, please write reasons in “Remarks” column (Also please submit online leave request. See below)

*When you did not work more than 4 hours, no allowance will be provided for the day.

 *Please also refer to “Example” sheet in the Attendance record (Excel data).



1) Vacation/ Sick Leave

When you take leave (vacation, sick, etc.), please submit leave request from the link below. Please also attach an email with your professors’ approval as an endorsement.

Leave Request Form:

2) Business Travel (Travel for the academic / research work)

All students who are planning to travel for the purpose of academic/ research work should submit ‘Business Travel Details’ through the link below in advance.

*Gakkensai or Gakkenbai insurance may apply in case you are involved in accidents during your trip. Please note that the insurance coverage is not guaranteed and there will be a review process to determine whether the insurance can be applied. *Gakkensai or Gakkenbai insurances covering students against unexpected accidents in the course of their educational and research activities.

   Business Travel Details:

   Submit Due Date: at least 2 weeks prior to the travel

*Number of Your Leave Days (Research Intern only)

Graduate School policies, Special Student Policies 2.6 Leave

Research Interns may take unpaid leave during the internship provided: the total leave days number less than 10% of the total duration of the work days of the internship; the leave is approved by their supervisor; the Student Affairs Section is informed by submitting a leave request through the website; there is no hindrance to their research activities.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs Section.