Entry to Japan under COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, different procedure is required to enter Japan.
This page explains what to prepare for entry to Japan under this situation.


Latest updates

On February 24th, 2022, Japanese government announced new border control measures and starts allowing foreign nationals to enter Japan from March 1st, 2022. OIST Graduate School is working with the government to proceed your entry process following newly introduced procedures.

MHLW: Border Measures Japan

>>[for PhD] General relocation page :  Relocation Information

Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)  NEW!!!

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To be updated...

Please check how to process of your visa application with your nearest embassy/consulate.

1. Apply Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)

Please check websites below and follow instruction.

Visa for International Students for PhD, SRS / Reserch Intern, VRS
What is CoE and VISA?

OIST will mail it to you once it's been issued by Immigration Bureau.

2. Obtain following documents from OIST

a.) Certification for completion of registration to Entrants and Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS)
>OIST registers you into the government system and send the certificate via email

b.)  ・CoE declaration[SAMPLE] (IF your current CoE has been expired : New policy regarding the period of validity of the certificate of eligibility)
>Please contact gs-support@oist.jp if you need.


3. Apply and obtain Visa at nearest embassy/consulate Japan.

Please consult with the embassy/consulate where you apply for your visa to obtain the information and apply visa. Required documents may vary.

       ---- What to bring-----
          ・CoE (Certificate of Eligibility)
          ・Visa Application form (SAMPLE)
    ・Certification for completion of registration to ERFS
          ・CoE Declaration
(IF your current CoE has been expired)

 After visa is issued, students send secured scanned copy to OIST via "GiGaCC" [For PhD / For Others] (Instruction)


<For PhD student>

Housing arrangement requires 1 month notice to start/end your housing contract. 

After receiving your flight information from the Graduate School, please contact Housing team (student-housing@oist.jp) immediately and provide following information. 

・Your arrival date
If you need quarantine or not

You will receive housing information about 2 weeks before your arrival. 


<For non-PhD students>

Student Affairs Section and Housing team will arrange, you don't need to contact Housing team about your arrival date.

You will receive housing information about 2 weeks before your arrival. 

Please check this page and select region and country and see which procedures are required. https://www.hco.mhlw.go.jp/en/ 

At Naha airport to OIST

Please get enough food at the convenience store in Naha Airport.

Public transportation from airport to OIST

1.Take a #111/117 highway bus : TIME TABLE

Bus stop (#111/117) is in front of the domestic/international terminal building.

*Bus fare is 1,400JPY

2.Get off the bus at Ishikawa Inter Change and take an OIST shuttle bus.

OIST Shuttle bus (Ishikawa IC Line): WEEKDAYS / WEEKENDS

3 OIST shuttle bus will stop at auditorium on campus, so please walk to your on campus accommodation or take campus loop bus (only available on weekdays)  if needed.

The bus looks like this.  


OIST will only arrange a taxi from Naha airport when public transportation is not available. If you were told by OIST to take a taxi, we will cover the cost. Other cases are not subject to reimbursement. (approximately, 13,000yen) 

Please find a driver who has OIST sign board at the following meeting point, after you exit the luggage claim. 

Taxi company:  Okito Kotsu  

Meeting site: In front of the fish tank at Gate B, Arrival lobby.[MAP]

Departure time: 1 hour after your arrival

Before you enter OIST

A negative antigen test result (within 24 hours before campus entry) or negative PCR test result (within 72 hours before campus entry) is required before entering campus. 

  • Those who stays at OIST on campus apartment, you will be provided antigen test with your room key. Please send the result to those who has been in contact with before entering the OIST facilities.  

  • Students who finished quarantine can enter OIST without taking antigen/PCR test.

Shopping around OIST

Please check the website below.

For other information about Okinawa, please check Resource Center’s webpage.


Other questions


Q. Does OIST provide a place to stay for quarantine after arrival?
A. Yes, we arrange and provide accommodation for quarantine.

Q. Can I go shops to buy food while I'm on quarantine?
A. If you don't use public transport you can go food shopping.

Q. My quarantine hotel has pool and gym, can I use it?
A. No, you can't use hotel facilities because you are in quarantine.
  Please follow the rules of the hotel where you will stay. please also note that you will not allow to go out of the room.

Q.  I have problems for installing  “COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)”.

Problem: I was able to install it, but I cannot accept the Terms of Use (My WiFi and 4G work fine but is says it’s a “Network connection error”) 
Answer: You will be able to do so when you arrive. Please try to accept Terms of Use & activate the app when you arrive. If you are still unable to, try uninstalling the app and install it once again.

Problem: Unfortunately, I cannot install the app. I have an iphone 6 (iOS12.4.8) and it does not fulfill the requirements to use the app.  The phone is still working fine so I would like to avoid buying a new phone.
Answer: This app can only be used with an OS (Operating System) version of Android 6/iOS 13.5 or higher. If you are not able to install or use the app, you will need to rent a smart phone at the airport on arrival in Japan (OIST cannot cover the fee)
Please contact gs-support@oist.jp for more information.

Problem: Unfortunately, I was not able to install it. It seems to be not available in my location.
Answer: You will be able to do so when you arrive. Please make sure that your OS version is Android 6/iOS 13.5 or higher.

Regular inquiry (Weekdays 9:00-17:30)
Phone: 098-966-2271
E-mail: gs-support@oist.jp

Emergency  (Except above working hour/ when emergency)
OIST HELPLINE: 098-966-8989
Emergency email: gs-emergency@oist.jp