Re-registration at Onna municipal office (国内より転入)

  1. Passport (or Japanese Driver's License)
  2. Residence card (if non-Japanese)
  3. National pension book(if you have)
  4. MY NUMBER card/notification
  5. Inkan stamp (If you have. Required for Japanese.)
  6. 転出証明書 (Certificate of Deregistration) (If issued)
  7. 国保喪失証明書 (Loss of national health insurance Certificate)(If applicable)
  8. 所得証明書 (Income certificate)

  1. Passport (or Japanese Driver's License)
  2. Residence card (if non-Japanese)
  3. Certificate of Residence(住民票)*obtain at municipal office
  4. OIST Certificate of Registration(入学予定証明書)(if no-Japanese)*enclosed in the welcome package

1, Use OIST Shuttle Bus (Seragaki Line, get off at "Onna Village Office")

2, Use local bus

Route Finder: Bus Navi Okinawa*Bus comes every 30 munutes.
Bus number: Okinawa bus [#20] or Ryukyu bus [#120]
Bus stop name:
 Departure: Daigakuin Daigaku mae (大学院大学前)
 Destination: Onna-son Yakuba Mae (恩納村役場前)

Google map

[Building name*] [Room number**]

Building name*
  ヴィレッジセンター (Village center)     
  ウエストコート (West court)
  イーストコート (East court)      
  サウスヒル (South hill)

Room number**
  If South hill, please do not forget "H" before the room number.
  Ex. "サウスヒル H111", "サウスヒル H555".


1. 転入 Re-registration (Residents division)

* Re-registration can be accepted after you have move into Onnna village.

1, Go to counter #1 and fill out the forms as below and submit them.

*If "転出証明書/Tenshutsu shoumeisho (Certificate of Deregistration)" is issued from the former municipal office, please bring it with you. At some offices, it is no longer issued, but bound with your MY NUMBER information.

  • 住民異動届/Jyu-min Idou Todoke (Notification form of address change) 

  • 住民表交付申請書/Jyu-min Hyo Koufu Shinsei Sho (Application form for Certificate of Residence)

2, Obtain a 住民票/Jyu-min hyo (Certificate of Residence).
    *Make sure your "My number (マイナンバー)" is written.


2. 国民年金 National Pension (Taxation division)

1. At counter #1, please fill out the form as below and submit it.

  • 国民年金被保険者関係届書/Kokumin Nenkin Hihokensha Kankei Todoke sho(Application form for joining National Pension)

If you have already joined…
1, Please change your address
   *In case you lost the pension book, please apply for reissuing at the same day.

2, If you would like to apply for the STUDENT exemption, please get the form called 学生納付特例/Gakusei Nouhu Tokurei, fill it out as below and submit to the Graduate School counter (we will apply for you after Certificate of Registration(在学証明書)is issued).
*Please check National Pension Service of your country before making a decision.

If you have NOT joined yet…
1, Please join
    *All OIST students except dependent family and employees must join.
    *Pension book(blue booklet) will be delivered within few weeks via mail.

2, If you would like to apply for the exemption, please get a form called 学生納付特例/Gakusei Nouhu Tokurei.

As a Certificate of Registration(在学証明書) is required, you can apply only after your student status started. Once you fill it out as below, please bring it to the Graduate School counter. (We will apply for you at once.)
*Please check National Pension Service of your country before making a decision.

  • 学生納付特例/Gakusei Nouhu Tokurei(Application form for STUDENT exemption)

Reference: Japanese National Pension System

3. 国民健康保険 National Health Insurance (Welfare and Health division)

1, Go to counter #3 and fill out the form as below, submit it.

  • 国保資格取得届/ Kokuho Shikaku Shutoku Todoke (National health insurance registration form).

2,  Your "National health insurance card" will be issued at the counter.

3, [Optional] Auto deduction is configurable. If payment slips are issued at the counter and you have a Japanese bank account, you may set an bank auto deduction here.

4,  We recommend you to pay the national insurance tax (fee) for a year / a few months at the municipal office. (Next to the Residents division; counter #1, below picture) Otherwise you need to go and pay at a convenience store or bank separately.


Optional [Opening a Bank account]

If you do not have a bank account in Japan, we encourage you to open one.
The Bank of Okinawa is located across from the municipal office. (The only ATM on campus is Okinawa bank's.)
Please make sure to bring required documents.

Okinawa Bank, Onna branch (Google map)
*They are under limited operation of work due to the current COVID-19 situation.


Submit documents to Student Affairs Section

Please submit below to Student Affairs Section via GigaCC.

Please make separate file for each document and name the file such as" Certificate of Residence_your Given name/FAMILY NAME”.

  • 住民票/Jyu-min hyo (Certificate of Regidence)

  • Residence card (Front & Back) (Non Japanese)

  • Bank book (Front & Page1-2) (If you have not set your bank account at OIST.)


Or you can bring the documents to the Student Affairs Section on the orientation day,


Phone: 098-966-2271
If any questions, please contact Student Affairs Section.