JSPS Summer Program

Flow chart of various procedures for the program

Forms to be submitted and submission deadline


Kessai template

1. Subject/ 件名

Request for acceptance of a JSPS Summer Program Fellows (FY★★★★) as Research Interns(SP★★★★)
令和★年度JSPSサマープログラム外国人研修者の受入れについて (SP★★★★)

2. Description/ 内容

This is to request an approval of acceptance of one “FY★★★★ JSPS Postdoctoral fellowship for Research in Japan (Summer Program)” as Research Interns,and to follow the necessary procedures.
令和★年度 日本学術振興会 外国人特別研究員サマープログラム外国人研究者1名をリサーチインターンとして受け入れてよろしいか伺います。またその受け入れに係る手続きを進めてよろしいか伺います。


LAST Name: ★★★ (e.g. OKINAWA)
First Name: ★★★(e.g. Okinawa)
Nationality: ★★★
Gender: Male/ Female
University/Graduated University: ★★★
Expected graduation date/Graduated date: Month, Day, Year (e.g. September, 01, 2020)
Current or Last Degree: Ph.D.student
Host Unit at OIST: ★★★Unit (Prof. ★★★)
JSPS Fellowship Tenure: Month, Day, Year- Month, Day, Year (e.g. September, 01, 2020)
(Excluding quarantine period and PCR Test)
OIST student category: Research Intern
Academic history at OIST: Yes (RI/VRS/SRS and the Term) or No


All costs will be covered by JSPS. Additional costs for and during quarantine (accommodation, transportation and daily allowance) will be covered by the Unit.


Security Export Control:Please choose only one option, either 1) or 2)

1)Flowchart #4 checked
2)Discussed with SEC officer to receive approval for acceptance.


Student Insurance Arrangement:Please choose only one option, either 1) or 2)

1)Confirmed student is bringing their own insurance and submitted the webform
2)Asked GS to take out insurance by submitting the webform

1. Request Letter and List from JSPS 2022 Summer
2. Leaflet JSPS 2022 Summer
3. [DRAFT]受入承諾書 Official reply to JSPS
4. [DRAFT]Research Internship Agreement (JSPS RI)

※ Please change or delete the red text as needed. 赤字部分は適宜 変更・削除をお願いいたします。

3. Approval stage/ 承認状況

Search the Professor of the Unit and select.

4. Consultation/ 合議状況

Set the consultants up to line #4.
下記枠内の通り ライン#4 まで設定ください。

Line #1 1. Skoglund, Ulf
Line #2 1. Zhang, Jieqing
2. Do, Huong
3. Narita, Mira
4. Iha, Yoko
Line #3 1. Tamae, Chika
2. Arakaki, Issei
3. Sakugawa, Momoko
4. Matsui, Toshinori
Line #4 1. Morinaga, Midori

5. Attachments/ 別添資料

Upload all the documents listed as Attachments in the description.

1. Request Letter and List from JSPS 2022 Summer 
→A set of documents sent by JSPS 学振より送付された書類一式

2. Leaflet JSPS 2022 Summer
→Leaflet sent by JSPS 学振より送付されたリーフレット

3. [DRAFT]受入承諾書 Official reply to JSPS
→Information on the host organization and administrative staff are embeded, so please download the Official reply form from here and fill in the Kessai registration number in the <document number> field.

4. [DRAFT]Research Internship Agreement (JSPS RI)
→Please download and use the Agreement from this link.
 こちらからJSPS RI用のAgreementをダウンロードしてご使用ください。

6. Contains Personal Information/ 個人情報の設定

Please check the box. チェックを入れてください。

7. The corporate document file which this document should be bound/

Select the Unit's Corporate file. If your file is not included in the options, please send a request to the Rules and Procedures Section so that a new file can be created.

8. Information for registering these documents as a corporate document/

Select "more than 3 years" as the retention term. (If the unit has a designated term, it is not a problem to adjust the term as long as it is more than 3 years.)

9. Request to affix official seals/ 公印押なつ依頼

Please set as stated below.下記の通り設定ください。

Request/ 依頼#1

 Type of Official Seals: E-signature of Dean of the Graduate School / 研究科長電子署名
 Document Name: Research Internship Agreement

 Number of Documents: 正1

Request/ 依頼#2

 Type of Official Seals: President, Sq / 学長角印
 Document Name: 受入承諾書 Official reply to JSPS

 Number of Documents: 正1

10. Start a workflow/ ワークフロー開始

If there are no errors after reviewing the content, please click “Start a workflow” to start the Kessai.
再度、記載・設定の内容をご確認いただき、間違いがなければ [電子決裁開始] を押下し、決裁を開始してください。

Once it has been approved by the Professor in the Approval stage, an Approval request will be sent to the councilors via email.

11. Receive official signature and stamp after Kessai completed/ 決裁完了後に公印を受け取る

Send the completed Kessai to the Registrar Team. We will send the agreement to the student via DocuSign and the signed and affixed agreement would be attached/uploaded to the appropriate Kessai as soon as the procdures are completed.
レジストラチーム に完了決裁をお送りください。DocuSign経由で学生へAgreementを送付し、研究科長サインの入ったAgreementを該当の決裁に追加で添付し保存します。

In addition, regarding the Official reply form, please have President stamp from Nakama-san Rules and Compliance Section (Please bring the completed form with the printed Kessai). After you receive the affixed Official reply form, please send it to the Registrar Team in PDF format. We will submit it to JSPS.

Registrar team Email: gs-registrar@oist.jp