Introduction of OIST GS Policies

Effective Date: September 1, 2020

The following documents, under the title of “OIST Graduate School Policies”, detail official and enforceable policies in relation to student admissions, the academic programs of OIST, student support measures, and other duties fulfilled by the Graduate School at OIST.

OIST Graduate School Policies immediately support OIST University Rules and OIST Policies, Rules and Procedures (PRP), and should be read in conjunction with the above. OIST Graduate School Policies do not in any way supersede OIST University Rules or the OIST PRP. If any discrepancy is found, OIST University Rules and OIST PRP take precedent.

Academic Program Policies (and other OIST Graduate School Policies, as much as is possible) form a complete set of OIST educational program requirements and are finalized prior to each academic year. Only in extraordinary circumstances are exceptional amendments made during the academic year. Where amendments are made to Academic Program Policies in subsequent academic years, students may opt to update to the new set of academic policies in writing, but must do so in entirety, and with no option to revert to former academic year iterations.