Admissions Workshop
  1. Interview
  2. Enrollment
Student Support
  1. Relocation
  2. Visa
  3. Spouse/Children
  4. Insurance
  5. Tax
  6. Finance
  7. Accommodation
  8. Other

I. Admissions Workshop

1. Interview

For the 1st screening, it usually takes about 4-5 weeks after each application deadline, depending on the volume of applications we receive. For the final result after Admissions Workshop (interviews), it takes about 2 weeks.

An experienced MSc student may take less than 5 years to complete the program. However, the PhD is not awarded on the basis of duration of study. The important thing is to complete and defend a thesis that embodies original, independent research and makes a contribution to scientific knowledge and understanding. It may take 3-4 years for students with an MSc degree to complete the program depending on their level of preparation.

If you wish, you can use the "Share Screen" option on Zoom, but it is not mandatory.

2. Enrollment

Please refer to this link for details.

II. Student Support

1. Relocation

No, Students need to choose a company/service and organize shipping themselves.

Yes you may, however, any and all costs related to your pet(s) must be covered by you, and you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with / following procedures upon bringing your pet(s) to Japan. This process is very complicated and will take up to 6 months or more to complete all the required procedures to bring them. Details

Yes. You can ship your things from different addresses if the waybills show your name as both the sender and recipient.

No. This is not included in your relocation expense so you will have to bear this yourself. If you want, you can use your transfer allowance to cover this.

There are expressway buses from the airport to OIST. Please see details here.


Please confirm with the nearest embassy or consulate. Sometimes a tentative itinerary you find on a search engine will suffice.

Please tentatively put Haneda airport or Naha airport.

For those who have a visa for more than 3 months, a residence card is issued after your registration at the municipal office. With the residence card you can claim "special re-entry permit" as you exit Japan.

  • See “how to read visa” here.
  • See here for Special re-entry permit.

You will need to renew your residential status (not your visa, just your residence card) while you are at OIST.

3. Spouse/Children

Roughly estimated, 10,000JPY per child per month is the minimum cost.
Tuition and textbooks for public schools are basically free, you just have to pay for school lunch and activities.  
For more details, see here.

OIST Child Development Center (CDC) is located on campus and most of the parent students choose CDC for their kids.

OIST Resource Center provides information on how to search for jobs in Okinawa, and how to get permission for a part-time job. See here for more details.

With a valid visa, yes. If you are to apply for a spouse visa, you will have to prepare a Certificate of Marriage. If not, your fiancée will have to get a Japanese visa. See here.

4. Insurance

All students must join National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme. 70% of medical costs are covered by NHI. You will be given more information at the orientation after your arrival.

5. Tax

Taxes are not calculated for each member of your family but are calculated for the household based on the total income of your family.

In Japan, residence tax and health insurance is calculated based on your income of the previous year.(Spouse's income will also be considered) From your 3rd year, your taxes will be higher because the full amount of previous year's income will be calculated.
You may be exempted from paying tax for the first (and the second year) as your income in the previous year is 0 or low enough to be exempted. Please see the balance sheet for example.

6. Finance

Payment (the day OIST executes bank remittance to your registered bank account) is on the17th of each month and you will receive your first remittance on the month of your admission.
Income tax (6,690JPY *may slightly change) and Tuition fee (45,000JPY) will be automatically deducted from each month's payment.

You will get them about a month after you submit the required receipts and report.

7. Accommodation

The rent and furniture fee varies by type of the room. See here for details.

8. Other

Baggage allowance differs by airline companies. We will let you know how much baggage you are allowed when your ticket is booked. Extra baggage fee is covered by relocation expenses up to a fixed amount. See here for the table of relocation expenses. Receipt(s) required.

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