FAQ-Research Intern

Can I stay in Japan after the internship period because the visa is valid longer than the internship period?

You are expected to leave Japan soon after the research intern activity finishes.

If you stay in Japan after the internship under “Cultural Activities” status, there might be a possibility of the revocation of your status. Please see here for details. And the responsibility will be all on your own.

We apply CoE for the purpose of research internship at OIST with actual dates of your internship period as OIST will be the guarantor of your stay only for that stated period.

If you need to, you may apply for the change of your visa status to “short stay (tourist) visa” at the end of your stay in OIST. 

 What is fligt arrangement policy?

When OIST arranges flight, followings are the policy.

OIST flight arrangement policy:

  -Arrival date and Departure date to/from Okinawa must be set according to OIST policy(*1)
  -The most economical simple round-trip. With no stopovers. (*2)
  -Economy class
  -Ticket between the nearest airport from home Institution or student’s home and Naha airport
  -Any personal requests (such as preferred airline, itinerary…) are not acceptable.

Arrival date and departure date to/from Okinawa are set by OIST to be as close as possible to your internship term and are confirmed prior to flight arrangement. As such, student must leave Okinawa after your internship period ends and you may not extend you stay nor arrive earlier than set date.

(*2)Stopover in Japan
Only in case that if there is a transit at an international hub airport in Japan, you may stop over at the transit airport for up to 5days. Please note that you cannot choose the transit airport but is has to be the airport in the quote from our travel agency (JTB).

Special Student Policies: 2.7 Travel

Please note:

- You have to bear the difference in cost if there is any between the quote from JTB and your preferable flight.

- Policies and rules are subject to change according to budget.