[Zoom_PhD Thesis Public Presentation]- Ali Rahmani - "The Landau--Levich problem for a uniaxial nematic liquid crystal"


Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 09:00 to 10:00




Presentter: Ali Rahmani

Supervisor: Prof. Eliot Fried

Unit: Mechanics, and Materials Unit

Zoom URL: to be available 48 hours prior to the examination


Title: The Landau--Levich problem for a uniaxial nematic liquid crystal



The goal of this project is to extend the Landau--Levich problem to situations where bulk elasticity plays a role in film thickening. We also seek to understand the competition between bulk and surface elasticity in conjunction with capillarity. We consider the version of the Landau--Levich problem in which a substrate is withdrawn vertically from a nematic liquid crystal bath. The theoretical part of the project includes determining suitable scaling regimes, conducting asymptotic analyses, and performing numerical simulations using the marker and cell based method. The experimental part of the project is focused on studying the role of two parameters on the flow field: the velocity with which the substrate is withdrawn from the bath and the surface energy of the substrate. Finally, we will compare theoretical predictions to our experimental measurements and explain how the interplay between elasticity and capillarity affects the flow field.


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