Skill Pill: LaTeX - Session 3 of 4


Monday, January 25, 2016 - 17:15 to 19:15


C700, Lab3


Skill Pill: LaTeX will focus on teaching the quintessential scientific word processing language of LaTeX.

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NOTE: The class starts at 17:20 and ends at 19:20, the events only allow starting times multiples of 15 minutes.

What to bring: a laptop with LaTeX installed. Instructions for Windows/Mac/Linux are at the end of the email.
Where: C700, lab 3 for all 4 sessions.
When and what: this information is in the following table
Date Time Topic Lecturer
Monday, Jan. 18th 2016 5PM ~ 7PM Basics 1 (what is LaTeX, first document, basic functions...) Mark Kremer
Thursday, Jan. 21st 2016 5PM ~ 7PM Basics 2 (equations, tables, figures...) Christina Lee
Monday, Jan. 25th 2016 5:20PM ~ 7:20PM Intermediate (modifying the standard format, integrating files, books and papers, BibTeX...) Ankur Dhar
Thursday, Jan. 28th 2016 5PM ~ 7PM Extra tools: Beamer and Tikz.
In parallel: one-on-one sessions.
Valentin Churavy
Most lectures will be interactive with exercises that you will solve in real time. Homework will also be given at each session. 
Material: some lectures might require manipulating some given data. This data will be available in due time here so please have that link handy on the day. I will also upload the homework there.
One-on-one sessions: if you have some particular issue or something specific you would like to do with LaTeX, please let us know somehow and so we can organise some one-on-one time at the last session. Anytime is OK but if you can give us your question in advance we can prepare a better answer.
Attendance: it is not required to attend all the sessions, feel free to skip any irrelevant one. There will be an attendance sheet, purely for book-keeping. 
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