The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship


Friday, May 14, 2021 (All day) to Friday, July 23, 2021 (All day)


Lab3, B700


This course introduces learners to the opportunities and challenges associated with transforming an innovative science discovery into scalable technology to make our world better place. The course takes a hands-on approach in addressing areas such as: how to create an innovative idea, how to design and execute a competitive product strategy, and how to build an initial customer base with an effective go-to-market strategy.  The course also provides the foundation for both entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship concepts, and touches on topics such as: startup finance including traditional round approach and crowd funding such as STO; how to secure a budget for R&D inside mid-large organizations; teaming, project management, and OKR build-in; and how to build competitive culture.  Students are expected to actively engage in discussion and will present to the group on an idea or concept.  The course is aimed at third year and above graduate students well into their research agendas.

OIST graduate students who complete all six sessions will receive 8 units toward fulfilling PCD requirements. 
Course schedule: (all sessions are from 14:00-16:00)
Session #1 - May 14 : Moonshot Thinking 
Session #2 - May 28 : Product Strategy & Execution - No.1
Session #3 - June 11 : Product Strategy & Execution - No.2
Session #4 - June 25 : Go to market strategy & Execution - No.1
Session #5 - July 9    : Go to market strategy & Execution - No.2
Session #6 - July 23  : Successful Entrepreneurship & Intreprenuership
Attendance guideline:
Learners cannot miss the first session, if they miss the first one, they need to withdraw from the course.
Learners can decide whether or not to continue the course after attending the first session.
Learner who attended only the first session will receive one unit count toward PCD optional sessions.
Learner who completed all six sessions will receive eight units count toward PCD optional sessions since the learner will spend additional time outside sessions to prepare homework/presentations, etc.

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