Collaborative International Undergraduate Workshop (CIUW) 2016

Aims:  This special short course will provide an opportunity to achieve several goals:

  1. To illustrate interdisciplinary research approaches and interfaces that propel scientific discovery
  2. To design integrated lecture and practical activities that present paradigms in experimental design and analysis
  3. To introduce rigorous quantitative methods and strategies for advanced data analysis.
  4. To create a cross-cultural experience intended to promote international collaboration at an early stage prior to graduate training
  5. To promote team-based problem-solving strategies
  6. To help students model graduate level education and research activities in an English-speaking environment, through mentorship and active career advising
  7. To showcase the special mission and strengths of OIST as a platform for international scholarship and research 


CIUW Weekly Schedule

Take a look at the workshop schedule here. There may be some changes and modifications, but this would help you plan and organize your stay in Okinawa/Japan. 

Participants and Organizers Introduction:

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Additional Information 
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Please also take a minute to learn about dangerous species that live on the island! 

OIST Travel Rules (*signature required)

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