Admissions Workshop Feedback Survey for Candidates - June 2020

Thank you for attending the Admissions Workshop. For our future improvement, please complete the survey below and submit by: Friday, June 26th, 23:59 (JST), 2020. *Please note that the submission of this survey will NOT affect the result of your admissions evaluation in any way. 

1. Communication with the Graduate School

Choose from 1 (incomprehensible) to 5 (crystal clear)
Choose from 1 (too little) to 5 (too much)
Choose from 1 (way too slow) to 5 (almost immediate)
Choose from 1 (incomprehensible) to 5 (crystal clear)

2. Technical Considerations: 

3. Interviews

Choose from 1 (completely irrelevant) to 5 (perfect match)

4. AWS in General

Choose from 1 (unbearable) to 5 (fantastic)