How Individuals Can Give to OIST

For Individuals

By wire transfer, credit card, or debit card

Please fill out the Donation Form to provide donation information.   

Tax Benefits for Individuals (in Japan)

According to Japanese income tax law, since OIST is a specified public interest promotion corporation, your donation to OIST is tax deductible.

Upon receiving your donation, we will send two documents: “Receipt” and “Specified Public Interest Promotion Corporation Certificate (copy).” Please retain these two documents for filing your final tax return and claiming deductions.

National Income Tax:

The formula below shows the amount of your donation that can be deducted from the national income tax:

Donation amount during the fiscal year – (minus) 2,000 yen = Amount to be deducted from taxable income (up to 40% of your total income of that fiscal year)

Prefectural Income Tax (Resident Tax):

If you live in Okinawa, a certain amount of your donation to OIST can be deducted from your prefectural income tax. Please see details here:

Municipal Income Tax (Resident Tax):

Please check with your municipality to see if your donation to OIST is tax deductible.

Inheritance Tax:

If you donate a portion or the entirety of the properties acquired through inheritance within the inheritance tax filing period, inheritance tax will not be imposed on the donated property. For details, please contact a tax office.