Diversity Impact Program

When OIST was first established, we identified diversity and inclusion as one of our core values.  In honor of the progress made in the early years at OIST in the area of diversity and inclusion, the OIST Diversity Impact Fund was created. The purpose of the OIST Diversity Impact Fund is to inspire individuals and/or organizations at OIST to identify creative ways to make OIST more diverse. Projects celebrating diversity and inclusion will be provided funds to make educational, cultural and/or social opportunities available to members of OIST or the broader Okinawan community.  Funding will be given for activities that cannot be pursued through the use of government subsidy funding. Your donation to this pool of funds will support the diversity efforts in and beyond OIST.

Diversity is a tapestry of many spectra, cultures, nationalities, genders, disabilities, and sexual orientations, to name a few. Of these, LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and others) diversity is not fully embraced yet in Japan. OIST proactively supports diversity in gender identities and expressions and sexual orientations. Current initiatives in this area include OISTxRainbow Heart Okinawa. Rainbow Heart Okinawa is a non-profit organization which offers educational programs to local K-12 schools to share the message that “it’s okay to be different”. With OIST supporting them to share this message with future generations in Okinawa, they will share the OIST logo in their outreach informing Okinawa residents that OIST is a university that embraces diversity. To specifically support this effort, please donate to Diversity Impact Program and write “LGBTIQ+” in the Condition field on the donation form.