Relevant Policies

The various measures in place to promote gender equality at OIST are designed to minimize barriers as well as to create a family-friendly workplace.

1) Recruitment, selection, and career advancement policies
    -Recruitment process
    -Diversity Officer
2) Career Advancement (internal support programs for child-rearing)
    -Professional travel support program
3) Responding to the Employees with Disabilities
4) Leave
    -Parental leave
    -Flex time
5) Prevention of Harassment

1) Recruitment, selection, and career advancement policies

Incorporate procedures designed to proactively promote gender equality at all levels.

   - Recruitment process

     PRP 31. Recruitment & Hiring
     PRP 3. Faculty Handbook
     HR section site (login required)
  - Diversity Officer
      3.2.4 Recruitment, Appointment, Promotion, Evaluation and Retirement of Faculty
      Manager or above:

2) Career Advancement

To ensure that employees with children are not disadvantaged, the following policies are in place. 
Stop-the-Clock Policy
 Tenure track faculty may request an extension of their contract and postponement of their tenure evaluation to accommodate parental responsibilities relating to the birth, adoption of the child or rearing of a baby.
  - Policy
  - Form
  - PRP (
Professional travel support program
Under special circumstances, for child-rearing employees who must travel to present their work at professional meetings, OIST will provide partial support for travel for the child or at-home child care. Taxes will be charged on the reimbursement amount of the expense.
  - Guideline (Revised on November 1, 2017)
  - Form (docx) (Revised on November 1, 2018)
  - PRP ( 
  - Documents and workflow for the application and closing (as of June 1st, 2018)

3) Responding to the Employees with Disabilities

Diversity among employees is celebrated at OIST as one of the core values. This value is also applied to employees with disabilities.
  - PRP
  - Eliminating of Discrimination Based on Disabilities Guideline

4) Leave

 Parental Leave

The University conforms to the Act on the Welfare of Workers Who Take Care of Children or Other Family Members Including Childcare and Family Care Leaves (Childcare and Family Care Leave Act, Act No. 76 of 1991) and all relevant laws and regulations, allowing employees a healthier balance between family and work life.

  - Parents' Handbook for expecting and new parents.

  - Process for Maternity Leave and Child Care Leave

  - For employee's
    Holidays and Leaves (HR section site)

  - For Graduate Students
    PRP(5.3.18.) Childbirth Accommodation Policy

  - Types of Leave


Monthly work hours and daily flexible working hours with core time has been introduced to achieve work-life balance and reduce overtime hours.  See the HR website (login required) for more information about how Flex Time can help you.
 - Flextime Policy フレックスタイム規定
 - Flextime Summary フレックスタイム概要

5) Prevention of Harassment

The University is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and respectful environment in which all  employees, students, and visitors are treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with the Respectful Workplace Policy [PRP1.3.2]. The University will not tolerate disrespectful communication, harassment, including sexual harassment, or bullying in any form.

 - HR section site (login required)
 - PRP (39)
 - What is the harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave?