OIST Action Plan for the Bill on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

OIST Action Plan

We, the OIST, shall establish the following Action Plan designed to ensure working environment which encourages active participation of women researchers and staff toward their success in the workplace.

1. Period: April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2020

2. Current Challenges at OIST: As for the administrative positions, many women are employed and tend to continue to work after their marriage or child birth, however, the women's ratio among the managerial positions are still low.

3. Goals: Increase women's ratio among the managerial positions (Manager or above) to 30%

4. Detailed Approaches and the Implementation Schedule:
    Approach 1: Identify female staff with qualification and motivation and help their career development
          From April, 2016          Identify training needs and formulate appropriate training programs
          From May, 2016           Initiate a career building training program for female researchers
          From January, 2017      Initiate a professional development training program for female staff
          From April, 2017          Initiate a manager development training program for female staff   

    Approach 2: Build diversity management skills for managerial employees
          From August, 2016       Formulate a training strategy to increase awareness of managers
          From April, 2017          Initiate training programs for managers on work-life balance and diversity management

    Approach 3: Provide on-campus networking opportunities for OIST women faculty and staff
          From April, 2016          Support a regular networking meeting of female professors and staff