To access the service

   To discuss ideas for workshops, training, team/group interventions or for consultation, advice or concilliation contact us by 
  • phone: 098-982-3327 ext. 23327,
  • email:
  • calling in to 128 West Court in person.
   To make an individual, couple or family appointment
  1. Print out the Request Form.
    Forms are also available at 128 West Court, the Health Center, Student Support, the Resource centre and Tedako(CDC).
  2. Fill in and sign to give your consent to be contacted.
    If you have any special requirements (e.g. language, particular time availability, or gender of therapist) please mention this on the form, otherwise allocation will be made to the therapist with best availability)
  3. Submit your form in person at 128 West Court. (we do not accept electronic copies)
  4. We will contact you to arrange a date for an initial consultation. (this may take up to a week).


   You can also drop your form into the mail box at 128 Westcourt.

   Open the top cover of the mail box and post letters/forms.
   Please mail your emvelope sideways.



   We are keen to make the service as accessible as possible. In addition to the above you can pop into the Ganjuu Service during opening hours and if one of the psychologists or counselors is free they will endevor to see you then or you can arrange an appointment at a later time to meet. You can also email the therapists directly: Darren George: & Kaori Itokazu: Loretta White