Frequently asked questions

How long should the Research Statement be? What should I include?

There are no requirements for the length of your Research Statement, but please include a summary of previous/current research, your research proposal, and any potential for collaborative research with the current research units [link] at OIST.

What kind of research support and facility are available?

The Research Support Division (RSD, link) provides excellent common research facilities and research support services for the researchers and students at OIST. Major research equipment can be seen in the Research Equipment Gallery [link].

How do I submit the confidential letters?

Please request confidential letters of recommendation from your letter writers through your Interfolio Dossier account. You will only see that the document has been uploaded successfully and the date it was uploaded. The letters will be confidential, so you will not see the content. For more information, please visit Interfolio Product Help (link).

Is Associate Professor a tenured position?

Assistant Professor is an untenured position.

Associate Professor is an untenured position at the initial appointment in general, but under exceptional circumstances can be made with tenure.

Professor is normally the position denoting tenure, although there may be some situations where this is not the case, such as when the individual is beyond the retirement age.

Reference: Faculty Handbook "  New Appointment [link]"

What is a Diversity Statement?

A diversity statement is a personal essay explaining how you view diversity and will work towards ensuring a diverse climate in your Unit and at OIST in general. In many cases, applicants may find it useful to draw on their own past experiences and explain how these experiences have contributed to their personal and professional growth and commitment to promoting diversity.