【Travel】I would like to extend my stay in the city where I tranfer my flight. I can pay for the additional fee for the flight and accommodation. Can you arrange?

Unfortunately, OIST is not able to arrange extension of your stay in the city where you transfer your flight, even when you are willing to cover the additional fee.

【Travel】I understand that we can extend my stay in Okinawa up to 2 nights after the workshop but I would like to extend more.

Unfortunately, OIST can arrange the flight deparing from Naha Airport only on the specified dates on the questionnaire. No further extension is allowed.

【Travel】I am flying from Airport A to Okinawa but I want to fly back to Airport B on the way back after the workshop. Can you arrange flight to a different destination?

Unfortunately, OIST can only arrange a simple round trip in the most economical route therefore we are not able to book a flight to the another destination.

【Travel】What is the luggage allowance for my flight?

Please check your e-ticket and itinerary. If you cannot find the information on the e-ticket or on your itinerary, please contact the airline company directly to inquire.

【Travel】How can I arrange my own transportation to Naha Airport from Onna Village?

General information about the Airport Limousine Bus service from hotels in Onna Village to Naha Airport.

Please visit the following website if you are interested in taking a taxi to Naha Airport:

Please make sure that you carry enough Japanese YEN to pay for these services as you may not be able to use your credit card.

If you have concerns about taking the Airport Limousine on your own, you have the option to take the bus that we provide at 9am on June 21st.

【Travel】I missed my flight! What should I do?

  1. Report aws@oist.jp the situation immediately
  2. Contact airline staff at the counter of the airport (you don’t have to wait for instructions from OIST)
  3. Check if they can reschedule your flights
  4. Send us the changed schedule to us by email at aws@oist.jp

If you miss your flight or connection due to your personal reason, the additional fare will be your responsibility. Please DO NOT miss your flight!

【Visa】Which visa type should I apply for?

If you require visa to enter Japan for the purpose of Admissions Workshop, you are applying for Short-Term visa, single entry. The permitted duration of your stay in Japan is generally 15 days, however it may differ depends on your nationality (Just make sure that the visa validity covers the period of Admissions Workshop).

For more information, please check the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consult with the nearest Embassy/ Consulate-General.

【Visa】I am not sure how to fill out the visa application form.

【Visa】I have a passport (citizenship) from Country A but I am currently living in Country B. Can I still apply short-term visa to Japan at the Embassy of Japan in the Country B?

As long as you have a resident permit in the Country B, such as a student visa, a working visa, permanent residency etc., you should be able to apply in the Country B.

Please note that if you are in the Country B only with a temporary visa status (visa exempt, tourist visa etc.), you may have to apply in your own country. If you are not sure, please consult with the nearest Embassy/ Consulate-General of Japan and report us immediately which Embassy/ Consulate General you are applying for so that we can arrange necessary documents.

【Interview】Which professors will I be meeting for my interview?

OIST will provide individual meeting schedule when you check into the accommodation. You can find the general schedule on this Admissions Workshop webpage.

【Interview】Can I bring some materials to the interview such as posters, data, and paper that I published?

If you wish, please do so, but it is not mandatory. It is entirely up to you whether you bring materials to the interview room.

【Others】I am planning to meet my friends in Okinawa so I am wondering if I can skip dinner(s) to see them?

The dinners are officially arranged with OIST faculty and current PhD students and it is a part of the official program in Admissions Workshop. OIST requires all the short-listed candidates to attend and complete all the program written on the Workshop Schedule.