Welcome to FAO-HR website!

We provide HR support to the members of Faculty, Researchers, Research Unit Technicians (RUT), and Research Unit Administrators (RUA).

Our operations focus on:

  • Recruitment & Hiring of Faculty, Researchers, and RUTs
  • Renewal, extension, and termination of research appointments
  • Start-up coordination support with other divisions for new research units
  • Application support for Sabbatical leaves, Stop-the-clock, etc. for faculty
  • RSAC (Research Staff Appointment Committee) meetings
  • Hiring/allocation of RUAs and their Professional development
  • Annual Performance Evaluation of RUTs & RUAs

FAO-HR Phone: 098-966-1546 (ext. 21546)


Toru Ito, Manager

Miki Hisada


Ayako Gima

Shiho Saito

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*Sorry. Currently no WALK-IN access to FAO office due to COVID-19.

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