Conclusion of Agreement with Okinawa City Board of Education (November 2020)

With the cooperation between the OKEON Churamori Project and the Okinawa City Local Museum at its core, OIST and the Okinawa City Board of Education have concluded their cooperative agreement concerning nature history research and education. Although we lacked knowledge and found ourselves fumbling at the onset of the agreement, the Okinawa City Local Museum shared with us their know-how and helped us broaden our local network. Since then, we have been able to organize collaborative exhibits and lectures with the Museum, whose experts have worked side-by-side with us the entire time. At the conclusion of this agreement, we feel strongly that our collaborative relationship of many years has been very productive. We anticipate further developing our shared work on the research of Okinawa’s natural history, as well as expanding education and nurturing potential future leaders, by strengthening this partnership. We look forward to taking the next steps together.