ECSU Library

Books are a key part of our unit’s conceptual toolbox. We are building up an interdisciplinary collection of books related to the various research projects that are being conducted in the unit, with a special emphasis on phenomenological philosophy and psychopathology, philosophy of embodied cognition, as well as on embodied, enactive, and ecological approaches to cognitive science more generally. We also have edited volumes and handbooks related to embodied and dynamical approaches to cognition, as well as books on complex systems theory, nonlinear time series analysis, human-computer interaction, and cognitive robotics.

We have a book reading group: all the unit’s members meet every other week to discuss a book of common interest, thereby going through it chapter by chapter together.

In addition, we have print subscriptions to Nature, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, and Adaptive Behavior, and we use the hard copies of these journals to stimulate discussions about a broader range of topics.