Seeing with the Skin

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

To participate you need to be:

  • a healthy adult, between 20 and 65 years of age
  • from the international community of OIST only
  • right-handed
  • normal or corrected to normal vision

You will not be allowed to participate:

  • if you have a current working or personal relationship (for instance, you are their friend, student or collaborator) with the Unit's PI (Tom Froese) or any of the researchers involved in the study

Our goals

The aim of this study is to investigate perception when using a device that is designed to provide information of one sense (vision) using another sense (touch).

Instructions and procedures

You will be given a new tool called Enactive Torch, a hand-held device that produces vibrations on the skin of your hand when you are pointing it at a near object. You will first play a modified whack-a-mole game and then perform a task that consists in distinguishing object shapes and sizes. The experiment will also include interaction with a robot arm to explore the objects.

We will register your reports about perception of objects, your muscular activity, and your heartbeat. The equipment we use in the experiment is described in the "Equipment Information" document.

Time Risks Benefits / Remuneration Specific Information Equipment Information Consent Form
90 min The study poses no risk to your health or safety ¥1500







Before you sign up:

  • make sure you are eligible to participate in the study given the inclusion and exclusion criteria listed at the top of the page
  • read the provided material carefully, to ensure your ability to give an informed consent.

Note, that that by clicking this button, you will be brought to an OIST-external webpage provided by Sona Systems, which is a platform used to manage and schedule research projects within the Embodied Cognitive Science Unit of OIST. Anyone who is enrolled in the platform as a participant is able to view and sign up for all current research projects.


Further explanations

If you would like to obtain further information about this study, contact
Katja Sangati at ekaterina.sangati at

If you have any complaints about this study, contact
Principal Investigator Tom Froese at tom.froese at