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Head of Unit

Froese profile

Tom FROESE, Assistant Professor
E-mail: tom.froese at
Location: Lab2 B664

Tom is a cognitive scientist with a background in computer science and cybernetics. He works in the areas of artificial life, human-computer interaction, agent-based modeling, and philosophy of mind. He coordinates the Embodied Cognitive Science Unit, and is Editor-in-Chief of Adaptive Behavior.

Research Unit Administrator

Yamashiro profile

E-mail: kaori.yamashiro at
Location: Lab2 RUA

Kaori helps us to run this unit smoothly. She manages our equipment purchases, travel and visits, workshops, and supports us in all of our activities. Please contact her with any requests you may have.


Keshmiri profile

Soheil KESHMIRI, Staff Scientist
E-mail: soheil.keshmiri at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0003-0854-0354

Perceptual Crossing EEG Hyperscanning Haptic Interactions (PCE) Meta-transitions

Soheil has a Ph.D. in robotics and a MSc. in computer science. His prior research focused on the utility of entropic measures for decoding the neural correlates of the affect during embodied communication. In this unit, he investigates the role of neurophysiological signal variability in the emergence of mental states and behaviour and the potential that it can offer to the solution concept of digital markers for neuropsychological disorders. 

Lerique profile

Sébastien LERIQUE, Postdoc
E-mail: sebastien.lerique at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-5787-8397

Perceptual Crossing EEG Hyperscanning Haptic Interactions (PCE)

Sébastien has a PhD in Cognitive Science with an anthropological flavour, a BSc in Physics, and strong interests in general hacking and philosophy of technology. In this unit he will work on analysing the systemic physiological and neurological couplings that arise when two people interact with each other.

Matsushita profile

Reiko MATSUSHITA, Postdoc
E-mail: Reiko.Matsushita at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-7081-8292

Perceptual Crossing EEG Hyperscanning Haptic Interactions (PCE) Eye Tracker Gaze Interactions Realtime Social Interactions Physiology Meta-transitions

Reiko previously studied cognitive neuroscience using behavioral and neuroimaging methods. In this unit, she will work on hyperscanning EEG projects to study how two people interact with each other.

Rodrigues profile

Jamila RODRIGUES, Postdoc
E-mail: jamila.rodrigues at
Location: Lab2 B656
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-3113-4664

COVID-19 Survey

Jamila is an anthropologist who previously worked as a professional dancer and lecturer in Cape Town, South Africa. She completed a PhD in Anthropology and Sufi Islamic Embodied Ritual Practices. Her interested in embodiment, body-mind relation, selfhood and ritual practice. In this unit, she works as a researcher for the project COVID-19 SURVEY, focusing on the narratives of people’s lived experience of social distance and lockdown during this pandemic period.

E. Sangati profile

Katja SANGATI, Postdoc
E-mail: ekaterina.sangati at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-0038-7909

Agency in Perception Realtime Social Interactions Torobo Arm EEG Hyperscanning Physiology

She has a Joint PhD in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, an MA in Philosophy, and a MSc in Cognitive Science. She is interested in social interaction, language evolution, and enactive philosophy of mind. She will be working with the Enactive Torch sensory substitution interface, looking at the role of agency in perception.

Visiting Researchers

James profile

Mark JAMES, Visiting Researcher
Email: not available
Location: remote

COVID-19 Survey Normativity Habits

Mark's has a PhD in the philosophy of embodied cognitive science, a MA in philosophy and a BA in philosophy and psychology. His PhD work was focused on how culture is reproduced through embodied social interaction. Mark's postdoctoral efforts will focus on questions of wellbeing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, exploring the intersection between embodied cognitive science, design and digital technologies.


Estelle profile

Stephen ESTELLE, Technician
Email: stephen.estelle at
Location: Lab2 B600

Enactive Torch Torobo Arm Perceptual Crossing Haptic Interactions (PCE)

Stephen has a BSc in biomedical engineering and MEng in mechanical engineering. He has industry experience in reverse engineering. In this unit he will apply his mechanical engineering skills to support work with robotics and human-computer interfaces.

Gohlke profile

Maria GOHLKE, Technician
Email: maria.gohlke at
Location: Lab2 B600

Eye Tracker Gaze Interactions

Maria has a Dipl.-Ing. (Master's in Mechinal Engineering). Maria is leading the development of the experimental setup to study social sensitivity in pre-verbal infants using eye-trackers and virtual reality technology.

Morrissey profile

Brian MORRISSEYTechnician
Email: brian.morrissey at
Location: Lab2 B600

Agency in Perception Torobo Arm EEG Hyperscanning Physiology

Brian spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as an Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Specialist. Afterward, he obtained his BSc in Psychology and is interested in embodied cognition. During his internship, he will be researching the impacts body posture has on intrinsic brain activity.

Sangati profile

Federico SANGATI, Research Assistant
Email: federico.sangati2 at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0001-6088-415X

COVID-19 Survey Torobo Arm Perceptual Crossing

Federico has a BA in Computer Science, a M.Sc. in Logic and a Ph.D. in Humanities. He has 8 years of experience in NLP Industry. In our unit he will help use his Computer Science skill to support the various projects, while learning more about embodied approaches to language, animal communication and nonverbal interaction.

Yudin profile

Alexey YUDIN, Technician
Email: alexey.yudin at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-7999-5340


Alexey has a MSc in higher-energy physics and a background in cold fusion. He has experience working as a data scientist for 15 years, including in the stock exchange and in biophysics. In this unit he is supporting our analysis of nonlinear time series and complex systems.

Ph.D. Students

Loh Profile

Chen Lam LOH, OIST Doctoral Candidate
Email: chen.loh at
Location: Lab2 B600

Synchrony Eye Tracker Gaze Interactions

Chen Lam has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and MSc in Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics. His interests lie in multi-agent social interaction, non-representational theories of cognition and neurolinguistics. In this unit, he is currently working to study interpersonal synchrony using mathematical modelling and experimental approaches.

Shpurov Profile

Ivan SHPUROV, OIST Doctoral Candidate
Email: ivan.shpurov at
Location: Lab2 B656

Emergence of Complexity Legobots

Ivan has a Bachelor's in Neurobiology and a Master's in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology. During his rotation he will be setting up an evolutionary robotics environment to test the role of bodily degrees of freedom on the degrees of freedom of neural activity.

Cheng Profile

Yi-Shan CHENG, OIST Doctoral Candidate
Email: yi-shan.cheng2 at
Location: Lab2 B600

She obtained her Bachelor's in Physics. In this unit, she is working on and studying the coordination in football team by using EEG, questionnaire and behavior data.

Weber Profile

Natalya WEBER, OIST Doctoral Candidate
Email: at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-1955-3612

Natalya has a BSc in chemistry and MSc in theoretical chemistry. During her rotation she used network analysis to characterize active learning environments. In this unit she will be studying the fundamental principles of learning and the emergent creativity in social interactions.

Special Research Students

Mojica Lopez Profile

Laura Alejandra MOJICA LOPEZ, Doctoral candidate at UAM, Mexico
Email: lauraalejandra.mojicalopez at
Location: Lab2 B600
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-2737-4032


She has a MSc in Logic and a Bachelor's in Philosophy. She is currently enrolled as a doctoral student in UAM's postgraduate program of social sciences and humanities. Her doctoral thesis investigates how normativity should be conceived in enactive cognitive science.

Ramirez Vizcaya Profile

Susana RAMIREZ VIZCAYA, Doctoral Candidate at UNAM, Mexico
Email: susana.ramirez at
Location: Lab2 B656
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0001-6829-025X


She has a Master's in Cognitive Sciences and Bachelor's in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is currently enrolled in UNAM's postgraduate program of philosophy of science. Her doctoral thesis investigates the relationship between habits and the self.

Ph.D. Rotation Students

Hayashi Profile

Shannon HAYASHI, OIST Doctoral Candidate
Email: shannon.hayashi1 at
Location: Lab2 B600

Shannon has a Bachelor's in Art, Psychology, and Neuroscience. Currently, Shannon is interested in cognition, especially ways to improve cognition, and comparative studies. During rotation Shannon will be participating in the Video Interactions project to study realtime social interactions.

Tomonaga Profile

Sutashu TOMONAGA, OIST Doctoral Candidate
Email: sutashu.tomonaga at
Location: Lab2 B656

Sutashu has a B.Eng with a background in statistical analysis of information learning systems. He is interested in ways to understand consciousness by mapping out the mind using mathematical models. During this rotation, he will be working on the Thought Reading with Meta-transitions Project.

Research Interns

Kulgod Profile

Akash KULGOD, Research Intern
Email: akash.kulgod at
Location: remote

Akash is a senior undergraduate majoring in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. He is fascinated by metaphor and is interested in applying it to the study of psychedelics and meditation to decipher the nature of self-consciousness. In the unit, he will be working with Jamila on the COVID-19 project and with Susana on her thesis exploring the relationship between habits and the self.

Tavassoli Profile

Samira TAVASSOLI, Research Intern
Email: Samira.Tavassoli at
Location: remote

Sammy is an undergraduate student concentrating in an interdisciplinary study of neuroscience and literature. She is most interested in studying the interactions between perception and cognition. In the unit, she will be working with Katja to investigate how sensory substitution interfaces like the Enactive Torch may become integrated into mental body models as extensions of the body.

Esquivias Farias Profile

Juan ESQUIVIAS FARIAS, Research Intern
Email: Juan.EsquiviasFarias at
Location: remote

Juan is a Cognitive Psychologist whose main interests are social interaction and social cognition from an embodied and experimental perspective. He has experience with hyperscanning set-ups during joint action tasks. For him it is specially appealing to explore the basic conditions for the emergence of cognitive processes related to Social Interaction and inter-brain synchronization patterns, as well as the design of effective forms to separate task-induced inter-brain synchronization and socially induced, genuine inter-brain synchrony.

Wakisaka profile

Takahiro WAKISAKA, Research Intern
E-mail: Takahiro.Wakisaka at
Location: Lab2 B600

Takahiro is currently a third-year undergraduate student majoring in medicine. His interest is the scientific research of consciousness, especially in the theoretical approach. In the unit, he is investigating theoretical explanations of inter-brain synchronization and its consciousness state under social interaction experiments.

DeDeus Profile

Juliana DE DEUS, Research Intern
Email: Juliana.DeDeus at
Location: remote
ORCID: ORCID logo 0000-0002-9120-314X

Juliana has a BS in Clinical Psychology and a MS in Behavioural Science. She is interested in healthy aging and dementia. During her internship she will work mainly in the Thought Reading with Meta-transitions Project.

NoPicture Profile

Cortney CORTES, Research Intern
Email: Cortney.Cortes at
Location: B600

Cortney is in her last year of undergraduate studies at Arizona State University majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Medicine. She is interested in learning more about how people interact on a cognitive level and how it can apply to the science side of medicine.