Human Subject Research Policies

To fully understand the relationship between Mind, Body and Environment, Human Subject Research is of utmost importance. Hence we are looking for participants to contribute their time and effort to our research projects.

If you want to participate in one of our studies, please read the information we provide you here and on the study-specific pages carefully. On this page we will link you to our documents about our general Inclusion and Exclusion criteria, the tools we will use in the experiments, general information about being a research participant and our Covid 19 guidelines.

Since our studies differ in some of these aspects, more specific information and explanations for our current calls are provided on the webpages dedicated to the specific studies.
Please Note, that we do not have open calls for studies at the moment, more information on this will be available soon.

If you want to participate in one of our studies, please read the information contained in these documents:

General Information Equipment Information Covid Guidelines Informed Consent Example
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General Inclusion and Exclusion criteria applying to all studies:

To participate you need to be:

  • a healthy adult, over 20 years of age
  • from the international community of OIST only (as long as Covid-19 is a relevant threat)

You will not be allowed to participate:

  • if you have a current working or personal relationship (for instance, you are their friend, student or collaborator) with the Unit's PI (Tom Froese) or any of the researchers involved in the study

Withdrawal information

It is important that you understand that even after you agree to participate and sign the consent form, you have the right to withdraw from the experiment without giving a reason. You will not face any negative consequences or disadvantages as a result of your withdrawal, and you will still receive the agreed remuneration for your time involvement.
If you wish to withdraw from the study before it begins, please e-mail the Lead Researcher, whose contact will be given in the recruitment material. If you wish to withdraw from an ongoing experiment, a verbal request to the researcher present in the room is sufficient. After your participation in the experiment is concluded, there is still a possibility to delete your collected data until it has been used in a published resource (conference paper, journal article etc.). At this point your anonymized data will be uploaded to a data sharing platform for the purpose of ensuring scientific transparency and replicability. Consult Section 5 of the "General Inforamtion" document above for more details on our data management policies.