How to get to the ECSU Human Subject Research Lab

All Human Subject Research experiments the ECS Unit conducts are located in our Lab-Space on OIST Main Campus, Lab 2 Level B, Room B600.
For a higher resolution and more detailed information, please download this pdf-document.

To get to the OIST Main Campus, you need to access it from the Route 58, Bypass in Onna-Son, Tancha.

Route58 Access to OIST Campus


Route58 Access to OIST Campus

  • If you come to campus by Oist Shuttle Bus we will meet you at  Meeting Point 1.
  • If you come by car, reserved parking is available close to the side entrance of Lab 2.
    We will meet at you at Meeting point 2.
  • If you work or live on OIST Campus we will meet you at Meeting point 3, the Bridge Entrance of Lab 2 level C.

The ECSU research Lab is located in Lab 2, level B.

Please inform us about your prefered meeting point in advance.

At Lab 2 level B, you will find the following facilities around our research lab:

Route58 Access to OIST Campus